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The derby with the Decima Sport Camp is a lioness!

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The Siglioccolo girls unlock zero in the standings by making them the highly anticipated match against the Tenth. A sign for the Gialloblù Jennifer Antonecchia, Giovannini, Spada and Bonaventura. Sunday 3 away to Monteprandone against there is the Futsal Prandone, last in the standings.

And finally the three points arrive. Like last year, it is the derby that gives Sassoleone its first seasonal victory. Jennifer Antonecchia and companions have played a great match, with the 3-0 signed by Jennifer Antonecchia, Giovannini and Spada matured in the first 23 minutes put at risk only in the middle of the recovery with the two networks in rapid succession of Falla and Cassanelli. The gialloblù however managed to react, closing the practice with the final goal of Miriam Bonaventura.

It is immediately dangerous to the 3 'the Tenth with the diagonal of the former Ricci, which does not find the door mirror. A minute later, Vartuli's poisonous cross on which Spada fails to arrive. The Sassoleone manages to build up front and reaches the advantage thanks to the network of Jennifer Antonecchia, arrived after an action well maneuvered by the local (1-0).
The Tenth Sport Camp has a good chance derived from an insidious ball lost by Vartuli, but the guests' shot is deflected for a corner by D'Elia. At the 8 'the gialloblù go close to doubling with Spada, his conclusion ends out a little.

The guests go close to balance for twice a minute 14 with Rocca, D'Elia is good at lowering the gate saying denying the goal to the number 7 guest. In this moment of pressure of the apette comes the doubling of Sassoleone with Giovannini, good at catching the Bolognese rearguard unprepared and beating Galavotti (2-0).
The match ignites, with actions on both sides. The hosts arrive close to the third goal, but the ball does not find the target. Three rounds of hands from the end is a shot by Falla to engage D'Elia, who puts all of herself to take refuge in a corner.
Shortly before the interval, Jennifer Antonecchia retrieves a loose ball in the third quarter of the Tenth, Mordenti's lashing ends at the side.

In the first minute he had a great chance to close the gap with Pisces, his shot was oversized. After the first outbursts of the host team, comes the third network of the lionesses with Spada, able to deflect a throw from the back of the net (3-0). After an interlocutory phase with a high competitive rate, the Decima shortens the distance with Falla, who takes advantage of an error in the setting of Bonaventura and insacca (3-1).
The guests take courage and begin to be seen more often in the Gialloblu half court. At the 10 'Cassanelli bends D'Elia's resistance and capitalizes on an insistent action of the giallonera formation, minimizing the disadvantage (3-2).
The match for the girls of Siglioccolo goes uphill, with the women athletes working to stem the rivals' attempts to break even. At the minute 11 there is a good chance for Rossi who finds the opposition of Galavotti. At 13 'it is still D'Elia to deny the Decima tie, parrying Facchini's attempt. On the reversal in front of Jennifer Antonecchia goes very close to the second personal marking, the crossbar denies her the joy of the goal. This is only the prelude to the network of Bonaventura arrived a few seconds later, when his shot from distance is not held back by Galavotti, finishing them mockingly behind him (4-2). The Tenth tried it all out by inserting the 7 Rocca number as a movement goalkeeper, but the choice had no positive effect.

Sassoleone 2015 APD - Decima Sport Camp 4-2
Markers: PT 4'53 "J. Antonecchia (S), 13'35" Giovannini (S); ST 02'40 "Spada, 7'18" Falla (D), 9'42 "Cassanelli (D), 14'27" Bonaventura (S).
Notes: ammonite N. Antonecchia (S), Rocca (D).

2015 Sassolaone APD: 1 D'Elia (P), 3 N. Antonecchia, 5 Benfenati, 6 Mordenti, 7 Graziani, 8 Vartuli, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Baldini (P), 17 Rossi, 19 Spada, 22 J. Antonecchia. Giovanni Siglioccolo All.

Tenth Sport Camp: 2 Cassanelli, 3 Ricci, 5 Bertoldi, 6 Falla, 7 Rocca, 8 Fish, 9 Bagnoli, 10 Facchini, 11 Tangerini, 25 Galavotti (P), 30 Mandreoli (P), 88 Purified. Coach Federica Bagnoli.

Referees: Cocco di Parma and Plutino of Reggio Emilia.

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