Friday, November 15 2019
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City of Capena, Mercuri: "I want to be useful in every part of the camp"

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A Mercuri 2.0 of those that you may not expect for concreteness, ductility and dazzling approach. After years and seasons in A, the A2 debut with the 19 number on the shoulders was surprising. Beyond the role of defensive side who sees her in her best clothes, the red and white has surprised for the performance in offensive phase.

One of the best in the last race with the Francavilla: a goal from a penalty air expert with a stakeout at the second post at the right time and lots of offensive sorties in the central area. In short, the Caterpillar of Casperia enjoys the red and white magic moment with its Capena chosen in the summer also based on the extra field projects that see it involved in three hundred and sixty degrees. Foligno and Francavilla its victims at the start of the season, who knows if the F rule will be confirmed on Sunday with a new goal against FiberPasta Chiaravalle. Bets are open and in the Capena house there are already those who are ready to do so on the number nineteen.

On Sunday you scored the goal that opened the fundamental scoring to put the race down, in the offensive phase you're giving a great contribution despite not being your peculiarity.

"Contributing to the victory of your team is always rewarding ... The stereotype of the defender who only needs to recover balls is a bit tight in this category, I want to be useful in every part of the field."

Despite the arrival of other important players you are always at the center of the team as one of the cornerstones both in terms of determination and performance you are therefore repaying the trust of the coach. Do you feel important for this team?

"I feel important because I know what I can give and those who know me know that I never give up and that I am always present. Unfortunately the risk is to be taken for granted and replaced by the "new", but we are weaving a puzzle and each will be important to achieve what we have set ourselves. "

You have made a very precise choice of life very probably also because I strongly believe in this project at a corporate level true?

"Yes, let's say I gave a small twist to my life, I hope that this project can take off and above all continue over time."

On Sunday there will be a tough match how do you think you worked during the week?

"We have worked well during the week, every day we adjust one more detail to be prepared for every type of situation."

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