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City of Capena, first victory in the league with Francavilla

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A difficult angular game, the Francavilla without particular technical qualities, but with a good organization of game and so much physicality has tried to worry the Roman women in the final. The start of the Capena race is important and already from the base quintet fielded at the starting whistle it is clear: Menichelli between the posts, Csepregi, Ribeirete, Will and Neka.

The red and white start strong and the difference can be seen, above all in the quality of the game also because the strong pressure of the Francavilla, well studied in video session during the week by the staff of the Capena, has borne fruit bringing the players of Mister Chiesa always to come out the ball at the foot. The point of reference, the front, in the first few minutes is Neka in the most classic of the three-one, but after the initial advantage, Mister Chiesa changes and begins to retreat by playing four-zero giving more space to the sides like Will, Annese and Ribeirete.

After three minutes it was Neka who went to the one against one and immediately doubled by the Francavilla, a lateral foul arose. The number eight quickly touches for Csepregi, the latter kicks in and at the far post to take the black jersey defense by surprise is Mercuri who throws it in with dexterity. Just the number nineteen in white red jersey is the player, in the ranks of the Capena, who most contrasts the opponents and manages to beat the duel blow by blow, making the physical aspect less less to the Mister Chiesa team. The sixth, however, hurts Csepregi hard intervention on her that she will be forced to leave without coming back.

Too bad because the number 13 had the race as good as usual, among other things, making a great assist on the occasion of the goal, and above all it is the legs and kilos that the Capena would have needed over the minutes. Patience, as they say in these cases, enters Annese in her place and is another one of those who, due to running and muscles, do not send them to tell. The pressure of the Francavilla rises and Menichelli makes two beautiful saves one on Nobilio's lob on punishment, really beautiful. At the twelfth Will passes the ball to Neka in the pivot zone, then he throws himself diagonally, Neka strokes the ball pretending to go for the shot in the most classic of pivot movements, the defense forgets Will's opponent who instead understands and is found at right place for the discharge of Neka's sole: terrifying blow of first intention and goal. Futsal show. Public standing and applause for the Capena of Mister Chiesa who charms all present. The red and white game, which had taken a few minutes' pause, resumes and creates at least two other clear occasions. Nothing to do. Thus ends the first half: 2-0 for the capenati.

The recovery sees the teams in the field face each other with less ardor, also because to tell the truth, the referees are holding the match with rigor. The Francavilla is not there and proves it, the first minutes are all of them with at least three occasions where it can shorten the distances. At the end the goal arrives with Gerardi very good at pulling first from the side and putting it in the corner. The Francavilla believes in it, but fails to win the dribble on the capenati and in fact in a game transition Pastorini is forced to slip into a save saving a potentially scoring action, too bad that the Abruzzo player touches with a wide arm and is warned for the second time, perhaps too rigidly by the referee. The Francavilla accuses the blow and first Annese and then Neka have the opportunity to close the account face to face with the extreme defender of the Abruzzo. On the reversal in front, however, it is Menichelli who saves the draw with a peremptory parade, at which point the Francavilla puts the goalkeeper in motion, but nothing happens in the two minutes and thirty-seven that separate Capena's victory from the final whistle.

A growing Capena, but obviously not yet at the top especially in the finalization phase that seems to always be the most important new member of the red and white team and this says a lot about the potential of Mister Chiesa's team when it will adjust its aim. Certainly Csepregi's injury is a bad tile for the red and white, but who knows that the incoming market does not give the Leprotte technician any gift during the week.

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