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Sassoleone Calcio a 5 Female, a good first half is not enough to avoid defeat in Perugia

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On the second day of A2 Series the Sassoleone is beaten between the walls of the house for 4-8. The gialloblù keep up with the strong Perugia for over a time, then the quality of the Umbrian team asserts itself on the field thus setting the final result.

The visiting team immediately starts strong by taking the lead with Donati, a balanced score after four minutes from the unfortunate deviation of Roose, who puts the ball in his own goal. Catamerò brings the Perugians back with a long-range shot and the 1-3 arrives at the hands of the Japanese Haruyama, good at pouncing in the area on Colucci's ball. Captain Jennifer Antonecchia shortens the distance when there are eight minutes to the end of the first fraction, but Conti re-establishes the two lengths after a short time. Before the break Giovannini shortens the distance, concluding a first fraction with very high rhythms, played openly by the lionesses as expected from the race.

In the second half the Sassoleone returns to the field with determination, reaching the same level thanks to the network of Jennifer Antonecchia. The red and white press the foot on the accelerator and make them the match thanks to the two goals signed by Colucci and the achievements of Haruyama and Donati. The Sassoleone in the second half had the opportunity to make up for it in the score, but the crossbar denied the joy of the net to the girls of coach Siglioccolo, who later kicked out a free throw.

The next round of the championship is scheduled for Sunday 20 October (kick off at 17: 00), when the Gialloblù will challenge Virtus Romagna away, coming back from the victory for 3-0 on the Dorica Torrette and surprisingly first on the list, in cohabitation with the Chiaravalle FiberPasta.

The Sassoleone holds a time, in the second half the superiority of the Perugians is felt, winning the match for 4-8. Giovannini and Jennifer Antonecchia, who scored twice, went for the lionesses.

Sassoleone 2015 APD - Perugia Futsal 4-8

2015 APD Sassoleone: 1 D'Elia, 3 N. Antonecchia, 5 Fortuna, 6 Mordenti, 8 Vartuli, 9 Galassi, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Baldini, 13 Rossi, 19 Spada, 22 J.Antonecchia. Giovanni Siglioccolo All.

Perugia Futsal: 1 Pordenoni, 3 Colucci, 5 Catamerò, 7 Mastini, 8 Goracci, 9 Lombardelli, 10 Donati, 12 Ricottini, 16 Conti, 17 Tosi, 19 Haruyama, 23 Roose. Herds Marco Abati.

Referees: Mosconi and Parrella di Cesena
Markers: PT 1'33 "Donati (P), 5'53" own goal Roose (S), 10'03 "Catamerò (P), 10'54" Haruyama (P), 12'20 "J. Antonecchia (S) , 14'26 "Conti (P), 17'01" Giovannini (S); ST 2'17 "J. Antonecchia (S), 2'36" Colucci (P), 3'32 "Haruyama (P), 10'35" Donati (P) 14'28 "Colucci (P).

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