Saturday, 07 December 2019
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Overwhelming city of Falconara in Noci

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Second consecutive victory for the girls of the City of Falconara against the Nuts of the former Rocio Sevilla. Luciani and Pato are in a day of grace but in general it is the choral proof of the team of coach Massimiliano Neri to convince. The only drawback, the expulsion in the first half of Isa Pereira who will now have to skip the next match against Lazio (Sunday 20 at PalaBadiali).

A Noci ends 7-1 for the Marches who unlock the initial parity around the 6 '. Action by Luciani who exceeds Martino on the way out, the ball is about to arrive at Pato but Loth gets in the way and touches it with his hand. Yellow for the Dutchman and penalty that Pascual square behind the extreme Apulian defender. Then the Sofia Luciani show begins. The captain doubles at the 10 'gathering a millimetric suggestion of Isa Pereira on the second pole. Then he punched Martino in the distance with a stone of his own. And even when the Falconara complicates its life - first outnumbered by the red in Pereira after a dangerous intervention on Quarta and then under siege by Noci to the assault with the fifth of movement - it is always the 10 number of the Marche to do the difference: ball recovered in a remote position and 4-0 net from distance and with the door unguarded. Pato, devastating to open the opposing rearguard, signs the 5-0 with a great diagonal.

At 20 seconds from the interval Loth shortens the distances on Church's good suggestion. In the second half, Noci shows itself a little more. Dibiase, in the opening minutes, is forced to go out until close to the midfield to defuse a counterattack that could have been insidious and immediately afterwards attempts to distance him from Dupuy. Giant scares but angola too much from a good position. Nothing done and so it is still the CdF that moves the result. Luciani, still her, goes on slalom on the right, Pato served in the middle must just push. Noci tries them all but the movement goalkeeper card (Quarta) also has no effect. It is indeed still the Falconara to pass with Ferrara: delicious duet with Pato and dry dribbling on Martino at the exit for the “Pupilla” of the Italians. Final jokes with the Noci of the assault. Dibiase closes perfectly on the conclusions of De Marco and Gomez. The pole from the distance of the usual Luciani sends everyone into the locker room.


PuroBio Noci 1
City of Falconara 7

PuroBio Noci: Martino, Gomez, Church, Quarta, Dupuy, Saraniti, Loth, De Marco, Intini, Gigante, Sevilla, Balestra. Annex Monopoly.

Falconara: Dibiase, Pascual, Luciani, Ciferni, Dal'maz, Guti, Nona, Pereira, Ferrara, Bernotti, Brugnoni. Herds Blacks.

Networks: 5'57 '' pt rig. Pascual (F), 10'27 '', 12'49 '' and 17'40 '' Luciani (F), 19'04 '' Dal'maz (F), 19'40 '' Loth (N); 7'25 '' st Dal'maz (F), 14'25 '' Ferrara (F).

Notes: ammonite Ciferni (F), Loth (N), Nona (F); expelled Pereira (F) at the 15'17 '' of the pt

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