Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Female Sassoleone Calcium with 5, negative debut in Ancona

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The strong Dorica Torrette beats the team of coach Siglioccolo for 5-2. A Segno Spada and Jennifer Antonecchia.
Starts with the wrong foot the Sassoleone championship of Mr. Giovanni Siglioccolo, at the second 5-2 immediately consecutively after that of the Cup. On the pitch of the Dorica Torrette, the pretender team at the top of the standings, the Gialloblù fall in the opening race of the third consecutive A2 Series season.

And yet, in the Marches away match, the Gialloblù had also taken the lead with the Spada network, then suffered a comeback signed by a wild Capalbo: the Anconitan side expert signs the networks with which the home team goes on the 2-1 . In the second half, Severini lengthens the gap a few seconds after the kick-off, then the "usual" Capalbo first vibrates the Romagna goal post, then signs the goal that extends the distance to the 4-1. Redeem guest with Jennifer Antonecchia's network at 2 'from the end (preceded by a draw in the wood bill), before Capalbo's personal poker that sets the final score on the 5-2.

Next championship appointment scheduled for Sunday 13 October at the Hotelero home camp in Castel San Pietro Terme: guest of the lionesses (kick off at 16) will be Perugia, coming back from defeat for 2-0 at the hands of Sabina Lazio Soccer.

Dorica Torrette Ancona - Sassoleone 2015 APD 5-2

Dorica Torrette Ancona: 12 Eusepi, 22 Marcelli, 2 Blenkus, 6 Severini, 7 Capalbo, 9 Ruffino, 10 Anselmi, 11 Pezzolla, 13 Pieroni, 14 Bussaglia, 17 Giuva, 21 Rubal Casas. Att. Stefano Zengarini.

2015 APD Sassoleone: 1 Baldini, 12 D'Elia, 3 Fortuna, 5 Benfenati, 8 Vartuli, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 13 Rossi, 17 Porfiri, 19 Spada, 22 J.Antonecchia. Giovanni Siglioccolo All.

Referees: Massicci and Scarpetti of San Benedetto del Tronto
Markers: PT 2'42 "Spada (S), 3'18", 4'47 "Capalbo (D); ST 0'22 "Severini (D), 10'53", 19'10 "Capalbo (D), 18'06" J.Antonecchia (S)

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