Saturday, 25 January 2020
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City of Falconara: the hat-trick of Pato sinks the Chiaravalle and is worth the third round of the Cup

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The hat-trick of Pato, the seal of Nona and the City of Falconara accesses the third round of the Division Cup. Opponent on duty, the Fiberpasta Chiaravalle in the classic Esino derby, played yesterday afternoon at the Palasport in Chiaravalle. Race in front of a large audience in steps that, at the end, smiles at the Citizens. Mister Massimiliano Neri took the opportunity to rest Dibiase, Isa Pereira and Ferrara. Space then for Brugnoni among the posts, for the Spanish Guti and Nona, with Verzulli forwards.

The Chiaravallese, protagonists of the A2 championship, gave the Italians a run for their money, keeping the result equal for the entire first half. Well placed on the pitch, Chiaravalle (with the former Magnanti, Centola and Costantini but not Catena still injured) was good at closing the spaces and starting over with the insidious Fattori and Jokisalo. The CdF became dangerous above all with Guti and Ciferni close to the break, finding however the goalkeeper Pizi to close all the spaces. In the second half, result immediately released by Pato. The Brazilian, after 45 ”, received the corner from Nona and beat the 1-0, undisturbed in the middle of the area. A few thrills on the wood came from the respective captains, Luciani and Magnanti: pole diagonally for the Azzurri, crossbar for the rosanero. Pato's doubling came to the 9 'with a pivot action, back to the door. Guti then touched on the trio, arrived shortly after with Nona served by an inspired Sofia Luciani.

For the Chiaravallese, Giordano has thought of shortening the distance, thanks to a precise low shot from outside the area. Pato, however, irrepressible, almost at the end signed the final 4-1 closing the triangle with Guti, ahead of the outgoing Pizi. Triple whistle and look at the next commitments. Little time to celebrate for the Citizens. On Saturday 5 October Cagliari arrives at PalaBadiali for the second day of the championship. The same Cagliari that the Falconaresi will meet in the third round of the Division Cup, after the victory of the Sardinians for 8-1, always yesterday, on the Civitanova Dream Futsal. Thanks to the best CdF ranking, the unique 18 December race will be played at PalaBadiali ..


Clavalle 1 Fiberpasta

City of Falconara 4

Chiaravalle: Pizi, Magnanti, Centola, Jokisalo, Fattori; Cea, Giordano, Scialla, Nicoletti Pini, Lucchesi, Baldassarri, Costantini. Molinelli All

Falconara: Brugnoni, Pascual, Nona, Luciani, Pato; Dibiase, Bernotti, Guti, Ciferni, Verzulli. Herds Blacks.

Networks: 45 '' st and 9 'st Pato (F), 12' st Nona (F), 15 'st Giordano (C), 19' Pato (F).


Author: Lorenzo TestaiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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