Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Family friendly between the City of Falconara and Dorica Torrette

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Like a family game the last leg of the City of Falconara and Dorica Torrette in view of the first of the respective A and A2 championships. Last night at the Palascherma of Ancona, like a reunion. How many crosses between the two teams. Starting from the patron saint of the Dorics, that Mirco Massa on the bench of the falchette in the years of the climb to the series A. The same blue that today dresses Erika Ferrara after a couple of years of militancy in Ancona and that yesterday dressed Marta Severini, one of the protagonists of the falconarese youth triplets (championship-Coppa Marche-Supercoppa) of the 2016 / 17 and today permanently with the Dorica.

The same shirt with the hawk he has been wearing for a lifetime, yesterday with Massa, today with mister Neri, captain Sofia Luciani, author of a brace yesterday evening in the 1-8 final in favor of the Falconaresi. The other Citizens goals are by Pato (poker) and Isa Pereira (double). Di Pezzolla scores the goal for the Ancona team. "The game - commented Mr. Neri - was very useful for trying out the things we are doing in training. We are still at the beginning of our journey and only by playing can we highlight the positive things on which to aim decisively and the negative things to work on "The real test will be the Championship, but it will be for several days until the team has acquired its own identity".

Upcoming challenges. The CDF goes to Pescara on Sunday 22 for the first championship match against Montesilvano. The 29 will instead be in Chiaravalle against Atletico for the second round of the Division Cup, while on Saturday 5 will return to PalaBadiali: Cagliari is arriving for the second of the championship. Sunday the 6 October, instead, the A2 championship starts: the Dorica Torrette will face the Sassoleone from Emilia at home. "The beginning - concludes Neri - is not the simplest. Let's visit Montesilvano, which for years has represented the best of Serie A. When you go to play against players like the ones that the Abruzzo team has in pink you can't really feel comfortable , but we must think of ourselves to produce the maximum of what we can give right now. I am sure that we will give everything in the field and I really hope that those who come to see will enjoy a good show ".


Author: Lorenzo TestaiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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