Monday, January 27 2020
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Capena sull'ottovolante: great character against a beautiful Foligno

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A race among the thousands of emotions, all great and beautiful, but in the end the joys are the red and white hares that calmly, head and so much quality have climbed a really big mountain. Absent Neka and Nicoletti due to injury, the Mister Chiesa rose is short to say the least: in practice a change only with the 2003 Sechi class to unleash character and stubbornness. The beginning is branded captained with the goal in the ninth minute of Csepregi that materializes a beautiful descent of Robeirete.

One to zero, it seems the prelude to a downhill game; none of this. The draw of Acini in a slip late one minute to arrive and slowly the Foligno takes field, meters and goals. Mister Boranga's team takes not only courage, but is practically thrown into the fire accelerating and putting in great difficulty the formation of Mister Chiesa above all on the physical level. A team, the Foligno one, that uses the race in the spaces with the one / two on the left and that is how the advantage of the Umbrian is not long in coming. Narcisi and Pellegrino in two minutes send the Folignate team to the 1-3 which at the end of the first half even extends on the 1-4.

The red and white go back into the field in the second fraction completely changed in the head and legs. And the difference is immediately noticeable. Suddenly the quality of Mister Chiesa's team is all out, especially when the Foligno drops physically and is no longer able to impose the race and the physical. But they pass almost ten minutes before shortening the markings: it will be Ribeirete that with a personal play puts to the low angle opposite. A great goal that seems to wake up the whole team: from then on, Annese will be impregnable, Csepregi a wall and Mercuri a scooter without effective breaks in the two phases. Thus comes the 3-4 of the Apulian number ten with a splendid action crowned by a precise and insightful finalization from the outside. The Foligno is stunned and the Capena believes not even a round of hands that Annese invents all alone a great goal: stop, feint and corner shooting. The few but warm red and white fans explode. We go to extra time with the fouls (Capena to 5 and Foligno to 4) as a sword of damocles on the head.

With the very short rose one would expect a drastic dear of the Capena instead Mercuri and Annese double the race, Csepregi throws the heart beyond the obstacle and Ribeirete pulls out all the possible quality. So that just the Brazilian after two minutes on Csepregi's position kick from the side pocket to the opposite lower corner. It is the first advantage of the day. After a minute the referees assign a free throw to Foligno for a foul by Csepregi in the center of the field. Menichelli in the goal is overcome and rejects on his right the strong pull of the Folignate. On the reversal in front of the well-orchestrated counterattack of Csepregi makes a big ball reach Mercuri who throws down the door with a shot from outside that ends under the intersections. By now the game is on ice and at the last there is space for Ribeirete's personal trick in slipping after another big descent by Csepregi. The Città di Capena qualifies in the second round with a fantastic victory and makes it clear that despite the great absences, the team is ... and how.

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