City of Falconara, goleada alla Mediterranea

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The Sardinian track is downhill for the Citizens: goleada alla Mediterranea, ahead in the Division Cup. Poker Luciani, tris Pato, Ferrara, Pereira, Ciferni and Pascual also scored.
Goleada all downhill for the first in the Cup of the Division of the City of Falconara that regulates the sardines of the Mediterranea with a net 14-0. Mister Neri's girls take to the field in battle and are ready to do well. After just 40 seconds it is Ferrara who breaks the balance with a nice left-hand tap.

The category difference is felt and so with Luciani and Pato the result is rounded off even after 5 minutes. The two are repeated again: the captain marks, the Brazilian woman answers, who then applauds her partner, able to win the ball from the defense and then fly away, on the occasion of the 6-0. The Mediterranea shows itself on a couple of occasions. On the 2-0 Dibiase is good at saving his door. At 5 minutes from the break Pascual hits the post. Teams in the locker room.

In the second half the script does not change. Pascual stretches to 7 with a distance lash. The sardines show themselves forward but the pole denies them the possibility of shortening the distances. Immediately afterwards Ferrara reversed the goal and so, the eighth goal, bears the signature of Pereira, quick to make a wandering ball win the game with a poisonous low shot.

Sofia Luciani scored again (in the end it will be poker for the captain), Pato (triple), Ferrara and Pereira (double). There is glory also for Ciferni, author of a double. In the next round the City of Falconara will face Atletico Chiaravalle, a comeback winner for 3-1 on the Futsal Prandone. Race in Chiaravalle the next 29 September.

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