Thursday, April 23, 2015
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City of Capena, DG Menichelli: "values ​​and future possibilities for a true project."

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The Città di Capena project was born thanks to the inventiveness and the spirit of initiative of the Menichelli family that after many years of experience decided to start an adventure different from the others with a winning spirit, but at the same time wise and constructive. The General Manager Renato Menichelli has clear ideas and from this summer onwards he has tried to pass them on to the entire management team: "This adventure and this company began almost as a game around a table where people who still believe in sport beauty of being able to do something different from the usual sports clubs.

Precisely for this reason I let myself be involved in this project in first person and obviously I involved my whole family. "

The Menichelli thought back to the roots and explains the love for women's five-a-side football: “Anyone who knows us knows that we have started to follow the only athlete in the family and that is Veronica. Then along the way we made a lot of knowledge, but with some it was born that something more that cannot be defined as simple knowledge, but Friendship. Slowly we were confronted and it was at that moment that I understood that we could start with a project of our own that represented our values ​​and ideas in sports up until the end. "

The figure of General Manager cropped with a precise purpose and very clear ideas: "As for my role as General Manager, I hope to do my best alongside people who are navigating in this world as are the Mister and the Sporting Director, a combination that in my opinion it will do interesting things. I also want to thank all the girls who believed in this project in particular and I can promise them that together we will try to make an extraordinary journey. A big good luck to all and that is a season of passion and victories. "

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