Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Mr. Neri's treble: the technician awarded with the Golden Bench of the Marche

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The goal of redeeming itself after last year's relegation, centered. The dream of returning to fill the PalaBadiali, done. And now also the award for best coach of the Marche. The treble was used for Mr. Massimiliano Neri who in recent days received the “Panchina d'oro delle Marche” award during the twelfth edition of the Galà del Calcio at 5 which was held at the Delta Motors headquarters in Ancona.

And it was really golden for the season of the coach who with his Città di Falconara won the playoffs of the Serie A women's soccer championship at 5, coming out in the quarter-finals after forcing the highly rated Italian Cup winner Kick Off , at the 3 play-off.

Playoffs reached after a memorable ride in the second round, keeping pace with the great ones in a growing enthusiasm of the fans. To find a quarter-final for the Falconara scudetto it is necessary to return to 26 years ago, at the time of the Falconara Volley. Historical goal, therefore, reached by the players, of course, but with great merit also of a coach who has always believed in us despite not enjoying the favor of the forecasts and going through difficult moments that would have discouraged anyone.

"I am very happy to have received this recognition - the coach comments - The futsal in the Marche is going through an exceptional period under the excellent guidance of Marco Capretti and from the National team we can see very well how the Marche model has become a model to follow. That just passed was a very expensive season both physically and mentally. I think that all of us in the City of Falconara, societies, technicians and athletes, are growing up in a positive sense. Now this enthusiasm must be turned into energy for next year and my super staff is already eager to get back to work. My personal dedication goes to my family that allows me to do the thing I like best in the world, enduring my continuous absences from home ”.

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