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Ternana, Tampa charge the fans

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A red-green har-trick with her exultation in the sky smiling to the Ferelle fans has been often and willingly since she arrived. Beloved and considered one of the cardinal points of the Female Ternana, immediately myth to follow for the girls and young girls of the youth sector who bought dozens of shirts with her beloved 5. Tampa opens, usually very cautious, and launches its message for race 2 semi-final championship.

A Ruvo saw a Ternana Feminine, a bit shy, almost scholastic, maybe you could give something more especially on the 3-2?

"I believe that in games like these, the one who fails the least wins, and they have used our mistakes to achieve the set tactical goals. When we were 3-2 we created many opportunities, a post, one on one with the goalkeeper and we made them wrong. Matches like these are defined and decided by small details, and at the decisive moment we have not materialized the opportunities for goals. "

-Usually you are a leader that always marks, but in Puglia you have not managed to score even though you have played a good game. What did you miss?

"I am a player who kicks a lot in the goal, and in the last game I didn't kick, I think this missed me more opportunities to make goals than anything else. In some games it can happen for many reasons. "

- How much do you want this final championship?

"Honestly, I can't find many words to explain it, because it's something I want so much and like all the things you want with important feelings are almost impossible to explain."

- For two and a half years in Italy a final would be a fair prize for you especially here in Terni where you have given a lot and you have tied so much with the fans and the square don't you think?

"Yes, I believe that getting into the final with this team, with these fans will be a beautiful thing; very important for me as for my companions. This is also why I answered the question as before. "

- You say that you are a real fix ball of the Director, you have an excellent relationship is it true?

"Everyone knows that I have a great relationship with him, pallino I don't know, I don't have to say it."

-You will have a full Pala Di Vittorio in your celebrations you always turn to the fans what do you ask them for Tuesday?

"Of course yes! We have always received so much push from them and Tuesday will serve even more. I can only ask him one thing ... that in the most difficult moment of the game they shout even more than ever, in order to push us even further and lead us to victory. What we all want. They are an extra force for each of us, when I talk to them out of the field I never stop telling them again. "

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Photo Luca Pagliaricci

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