Friday, January 24 2020
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Salinis beats Ternana Female in the 1 race

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A good Female Ternana that seen in Ruvo di Puglia, but still too little to be able to have a Salinis right that makes the race its own without doing much more than Ferelle. The ready match starts uphill for the rossoverdi when Taty too kicks under the intersections and does one to zero. However, the Female Ternana does not become disjointed and tries to respond with Lucileia well stopped by Tardelli.

Still the Ferelle push with Vanessa and Tampa but still find two beautiful saves from the Pugliese goalkeeper. The game is channeled to a stable balance and it will take a good seventeen minutes to see the two teams score. Everything happens in two minutes: first Maite takes advantage of a red-green defense rejected and then Rozo is three to zero on a counter-attack generated by a lost ball. It looks like deadline but at twelve seconds from the first De Souza fraction the Pala Colombo is 3-1. It seems small, but it won't be.

In the second half the two teams exchange roles and within a few minutes the Ferelle shorten again with Bettioli able to exploit a rebound in the area. The Female Ternana believes and pushes putting the Apulians on the ropes. The Ferelle want to equalize it: Amanda De Souza first takes a stake on the offside then Lucileia will devour the equalizer. At four-thirty from the end, however, after so much rossoverde comes a long throw for the Apulians who fish Dal Mazda face to face with Bettioli, the pivot burns on time the central rossoverde and unloads a beautiful right into the door.

The game is tracked and not even the movement goalkeeper with Vanessa will give emotions, but in the end the Salinis has the ball of the 5-2 which exploits obtaining the maximum advantage. The 28 May at 18,15 in Terni there will be 2 race: a game from inside or outside where the Ferelle will have only one result or the victory.


FUTSAL SALINIS: Tardelli, Siclari, Rozo, Maite, Taty, Bonci, Coppari, Martin, Presto, Exana, Brandolini, Dal'Maz. Bellarte All.

FEMALE TERNANA: Salinetti, Tampa, Vanessa, Lucileia, Bettioli, Menichelli, Libera, Neka, Torelli, Donati, Lorenzoni, De Souza. Allò D'Orto.

MARKERS: 01'27 "Taty (S), 18'17" Maite (S), 18'56 "Rozo (S), 19'52" De Souza (T), 02'30 "Bettioli (T), 16 ' 05 "Dal'Maz (S), 17'05" Maite (S).

AMMONITE: Bettioli (T), Dal'Maz (S), Siclari (S)

REFEREES: Fabio Maria Malandra (Avezzano), Chiara Amicucci (Avezzano) CRONO: Domenico De Candia (Molfetta)

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