Friday, January 24 2020
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Infinite Falconara, poker and the dream continues: we go to the 3 race

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Falconara makes the enterprise and forces the Kick Off, the second strength of the regular season and winner of the Italian Cup, at the beauty of Wednesday 15 to decide who will arrive in the semifinal playoffs. At the end of 40 exciting minutes, in a full PalaBadiali, 4-3 ends for the girls of Mr. Massimiliano Neri. Victory not at all obvious on paper. Yet the Citizens have shown that they know how to play on a par with the well-known opponents and yesterday they managed to collect what had escaped in the 1 race.

First half balanced with goalkeepers called into question in different situations. Nagy defends himself as he can from Atz, Nona, Vieira and Vanin. Dibiase keeps his feet up by closing on Pascual and Ciferni. Nothing can at the 13 'on the conclusion at the intersection of Luciani that opens the match. The Lombardians are not there and 20 '' after tie in the account with Vanin. We go to rest on the 1-1 and when we get back from the locker rooms the Citizens put the turbo on. De Angelis goes on percussion and punishment, as in the first leg, Dibiase.

The PalaBadiali explodes which really begins to dream when, a little later, Nanà controls a revival of Nagy with the chest and then throws the 3-1 into the net. To complete the poker, the Ciferni network was stationed in the area after the penalty scheme. In the excitement Belli protests: already admonished, remedies the second yellow card and leaves her in numerical inferiority. Two minutes later, Mr. Russo was sent away for protests. But Kick Off is not a team to be underestimated. Despite the lesser player, the usual Vanin rekindles hopes.

Atz, fifth of movement, leads the final forcing that shortens the distance with Guti to 14 seconds from the siren. Breath suspended until the last and then the liberating scream of a dream that continues. "What we did today is the story we are writing - comments the Catalan Corin Pascual - I am excited, proud of this team and happy for the coach, because he deserves it, for the company and for my companions. Now we are going to play away and we must be able to make less mistakes today and less than the first leg. May the best man win.

I wish all of us can go on ”.


City of Falconara 4
Kick Off 3

Falconara: Nagy, Pascual, Luciani, Dalla Villa, De Angelis, Mesi, Nanà, Ciferni, Sevilla, Ferrara, Verzulli, Antonaci. Herds Blacks.

Kick Off: Dibiase, Vanin, Atz, Vieira, Nona, Guti, Pesenti, Perruzza, Plevano, Sangiovanni, Belli, Brugnoni. Russian All.

Networks: 13'10 '' pt Luciani (F), 13'30 '' Vanin (K); 2'10 '' st De Angelis (F), 7'40 '' Nanà (F), 9'50 '' Ciferni (F), 11'33 '' Vanin (K), 19'46 '' Guti (K ).

Notes: ammonite Dalla Villa (F), Belli (K), Nona (K), Atz (K); Belli expelled at the 9'50 '' for a second yellow card and mister Russo at the 11'33 '' for protests.

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