Tuesday, August 20 2019
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Pazzo Falconara, suffers and wins against Olimpus Roma

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Coming back and counter-revitalization. A show forbidden for the faint-hearted is that of the PalaBadiali with the city of Falconara, a winning measure on the Olimpus Roma. Under a goal at 4 minutes from the end, despite having closed the first half in the lead, the girls of coach Neri recover and overtake their opponents with 2 goals in the space of 30 seconds. For the Romans, who with this result are relegated to A2, final forcing is not enough to recover.

Race that seemed all downhill for the Falconaresi immediately in goal, after a couple of minutes, with Dalla Villa good to turn from pivot to beat Vecchione. The Olimpus is not watching and Nagy is immediately called to the double miracle on the conclusion of Benvenuto and on Dupuy's reply. For Falconara, the regret of not doubling. They try Dalla Villa e Ciferni but the aim is not precise. Pascual tries and Vecchione arrives in split. Lisi, on the break, two minutes from rest, puts the first chills to the people of PalaBadiali. It is the prelude to the recovery: with a photocopy action - fast and diagonal counterattack - at 3 'the Roman women draw with Pomposelli. And at 8 'they go ahead thanks to a strong shot from Dupuy that leaves Nagy no chance. You suffer on the field and in the stands. The minutes pass. The Olimpus closes well the spaces and does not disdain sorties in restart.

The most dangerous one arrives at the 13 'with Lisi, stopped by Nagy on the way out with Pascual to then sweep away the ball left wandering in the area. At 5 minutes from the end Neri sends Dalla Villa to make the fifth movement. Everything changes in 30 seconds. Nanà first commits Vecchione allowing Ciferni to arrive first on the rivet. Then he imitates his companion on the raid from Dalla Villa's right. In the 3 'final is the Olimpus to press in superiority with Lisi. Final of grit and suffering for the Citizens that come out of the applause to the siren.

In the locker room. "The race - commented Mr. Black at the end - was very important because it gave us the security of direct salvation and allowed us, by winning it, to think about the playoffs. This was the weight we had above. A complicated game because the Olimpus made us life is difficult, good first half although we missed several chances, everything got complicated in the second half. After the draw they believed us and we skidded but we reacted and did well. And this is perhaps the most important aspect ".

The championship. At three days from the end the City of Falconara is at 42 points to seventh place in the standings. There are 6 teams, in just 10 points, in full brawl to win the 7 ° and the 8 ° place and remove the remaining tickets for the playoffs. Or to avoid the 11 ° and the 12 ° which would lead to salvation playout. Besides the Falconara there are Lazio, Cagliari, Breganze, Bisceglie and Grisignano. Three races in a week. On Thursday 25 April the Citizens are on stage in Milan against the leaders Kick Off. Then, on Sunday 28, comes the Real Statte at PalaBadiali. Finally, last of the championship, the 1 in May in Naples. A real tour de force to decide a whole season.


City of Falconara 3
Olimpus Rome 2

Falconara: Nagy, Pascual, Ferrara, Luciani, Dalla Villa, De Angelis, Verzulli, Sevilla, Ciferni, Nanà, Antonaci, Bernotti. Herds Blacks.

Olimpus: Vecchione, Benvenuto, Dupuy, Lisi, Chiesa, Esposito, Blanco, Schirò, Pomposelli. Root All.

Networks: 2'46 '' pt From the Villa (F); 3 'st Pomposelli (O), 8' Dupuy (O), 16 'Ciferni (F), 16'33' 'Nanà (F).
Notes: Vecchione admonished.

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