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Super Falconara, beat Lazio and attack in the playoff zone

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Four goals to continue the march. The best way to recover from the defeat against Salinis. Victory that is worth even more for the City of Falconara if we think that Lazio is direct opponent in the playoff race, now hooked in seventh place, at 39 points. Victory of heart and effort. With the Citizens good at closing the first half in the lead thanks to Pascual's goal, taking the 0-3 in a few minutes from the start of the second half (Pascual again and then captain Luciani) and managing the result until the end, even touching the marking (post by Nagy).

Lazio believes in it until the end when the former Xhaxho puts the goal of the 2-3 in just over a minute from the end. Nothing to do: Ciferni closes the match at 30 seconds from the triple whistle with the 4-2 Falconara network, the same result as the first leg. Falconara immediately dangerous with Ferrara, a corner pattern, and he manages to pass with Pascual, caught in the area by Luciani after a progressing solo.

The citizens could double with Dalla Villa but the crossbar denies the 2-0 before the break. Lightning recovery: not even a minute and Pascual doubles in diagonal while Luciani signs the 3-0 with a stone of his. All easy? Nah. Lazio is not a simple customer and shortens Taninha, a beautiful goal under the crossroads after a personal cue.

Still Falconara, another wood: Ciferni hits it with an assist from Nanà. The Lazio women try everything for everything. Taninha severely engages Nagy. The Hungarian goalkeeper defends the fort from the always dangerous Taninha, hits a post on the postponement while the Lazio attack with the fifth of movement but is forced to succumb on the diagonal of the left to the poison of Xhaxho: 2-3 when 64 are missing seconds at the end. In the final assault, Ciferni took advantage of it, recovering on defense and knocking at an empty net.

For Mr. Massimiliano Neri “a desired and deserved victory. From the first minute we had the right attitude on the pitch. First time dominated that we could have closed with a larger score. In the second half the return of Lazio that forced us to the defense, but the girls were good at holding on and making themselves very dangerous on some occasions ”.


Lazio 2
Falconara 4

LAZIO: Tirelli, Barca, Beita, Sabatino, Taninha, Ceccobelli, Agnello, Xhaxho, Pinheiro, Grieco, Vanelli, Luzi. Chilelli All
CITY OF FALCONARA: Nagy, Pascual, Luciani, Dalla Villa, Ferrara, Nanà, Ciferni, Correia, De Angelis, Verzulli, Antonaci. Herds Blacks
MARKERS: 5'23 "pt Pascual (F), 0'53" st Pascual (F), 1'45 "Luciani (F), 3'49" Taninha (L), 18'56 "Xhaxho (L), 19 '26 ”Ciferni (F)
AMMONITE: De Angelis (F), Sabatino (L), Pascual (F), Ferrara (F).

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