Thursday, January 12th
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Female Sassoleone Calcio a 5, the Rovigo ko does not cancel the superlative season

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At the Palasport of San Pio X of Rovigo, the Antonecchia sisters and companions close the championship with a defeat at the hands of Granzette, already sure of the playoffs. The good second half is not enough to get a positive result, on the distance the lionesses pay the intense season finale, culminating with the eighth place finish and a well-deserved salvation.

The Sassoleone comes out defeated by the "strange" trip of Rovigo, carried out in virtue of the inversion of field operated during the eleventh round trip. The Granzette proves to be a solid team, asserting the technical and athletic characteristics that guaranteed the third place in the standings and access to the playoffs.

Ineffective start of the lionesses, which do not immediately enter the game by cashing in five minutes the networks of Sinigaglia (0-1) and Vannini (0-2). In the last minutes of the first fraction, Eleonora Naldi is injured by a finger, to which we wish a speedy recovery. The 12 number is replaced between the posts by D'Elia.
In the second half Vartuli and Jennifer Antonecchia take the team by the hand and lead the gialloblù reaction. However, the forcing of the formation of the hamlet of Casalfiumanese does not translate into realizations, as the five clear occasions do not inflate the network of the Veneto. At the end of the hostilities, the Granzette takes advantage of the fatigue of the Sassoleone, derived above all from the extension of the playing field that little reconciles with the characteristics of the valley dwellers, spreading with a double of Cappelletto.

With the result of 0-4, the last Sassoleone's seasonal commitment, a verdict that does not cancel an amazing championship final, in which the lionesses have shown their full character, winning salvation with a brilliant eighth place, at 28 points .
An epilogue that for President Lorenzo Caprara and all the Gialloblù staff might have seemed utopian at the beginning of the year, coming from the repechage that took place in the summer, and which rewards a group capable of brilliantly overcoming difficult moments. Now for the top management, all that remains is to prepare the 2019-20 season, which will be played for the third consecutive year in the A2 Series, and which will offer new and important challenges to be faced successfully.

Sassoleone 2015 APD - Granzette Calcio a 5 0-4

2015 APD Sassoleone: 1 D'Elia, 3 Antonecchia N., 5 Fina, 7 Giovannini, 8 Vartuli, 9 Ricci, 12 Naldi, 19 Spada, 22 Antonecchia J., 99 Hats.

Granzette Calcio at 5: 1 Omietti, 2 Iaich, 3 Vannini, 4 Ansaloni, 5 Sinigaglia, 6 Costa, 7 Ardondi, 8 Andreasi, 9 Longato, 11 Gresele, 12 Grandi, 18 Cappelletto. Chiara Bassi All.

Referee: Mr Burattoni (Lugo di Romagna) and Parrella (Cesena).
Markers: Pt. 4.35 'Sinigaglia, 5.10' Vannini; St. 13.45 'Cappelletto, 15.38' Cappelletto.

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