Sunday, 19 January 2020
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A weak Falconara falls against the battleship Salinis

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Little race and a bit of bad luck against the battleship Salinis. This breaks the positive streak of the City of Falconara that fails in the enterprise in the presence of the second force of the championship. The fatigue accumulated between the bang touched last Sunday in Montesilvano and the Swedish commitment with the National team for Luciani, De Angelis and Ferrara, fundamental pawns in Mr. Neri's chessboard, made itself felt.

Against the Salinis, long pink and top player, nothing to do. The Apulians start with an asphyxiating high pressing that already bears fruit at 3 '. Taty conquers the ball and triggers in Maite area, cold and precise on Nagy in output: 0-1. The reaction of the Citizens is immediate but Tardelli is on the day. First he deviates for a corner the beautiful diagonal of Captain Luciani and then, in the next action, he closes at Dalla Villa operated by Ciferni. And where the extreme defender does not arrive, we think about the stake: how much bad luck at the 10 'for Ciferni. On the opposite side Nagy is called, in two stages, on Martin's incursion.

Nothing can at the 14 'on the counterattack of Siclari that overrides it in the lob: ball on the post, on the rebound Taty pounces for the doubling. Passive that remains so until the rest thanks to the Hungarian goalkeeper who blocks the way to the last Siclari sortie. In the second half, Falconara resumes grinding. Tardelli exceeds, after a minute, putting the big hand on Ciferni's conclusion. On the overturn in front of Dal'Maz devours a goal and immediately after Nagy closes on Rozo. There is no lack of Falconara's gusts. Around the 12 'Tardelli is providential about Nanà's conclusions, assisted by Luciani, and Dalla Villa. Ruthless Salins.

When it comes down, it hurts: at 13 'comes the 3-0 signed by Siclari which surprises everyone in the area on the development of a corner. And that jella, Falconara: ball in midfield, immediately to Ferrara's left that crashes on the pole. The Rozo signature further rounds off the result before Dalla Villa enters as a fifth of movement.

In the final assault they try Ciferni, Nanà and Luciani but Gaby Tardelli, still her, closes all the spaces. "I see disappointment - comments Mr. Neri - but we have also had good chances on the 2-0 and maybe if the ball came in we would have taken more confidence. We don't have to make a drama because losing with the Salinis can be there. We must immediately think about the next game with optimism: against Lazio it will be a direct match but the games that await us are all important and we have to play them with the right attention and determination ”.


City of Falconara 0
Futsal Salinis 4

Falconara: Nagy, Pascual, Luciani, Ferrara, Dalla Villa; Antonaci, Bernotti, Nanà, Ciferni, De Angelis, Correia, Verzulli. Herds Blacks.

Salinis: Tardelli, Rozo, Maite, Taty, Dal'Maz; Bonci, Martin, Siclari, Presto, Mazzaro, Azevedo, Exana, Brandolini. Bellarte All.

Networks: 3'30 '' pt Maite, 14 'Taty; 13 'st Siclari, 15'40' 'Rozo

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