Monday, January 20 2020
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Corigliano-Rossano, assault on the record

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Against VisioRay Catanzaro Sunday, 14 hours: 30, in Mirto.
The expectation is growing for the big-match of the sixteenth general of the Calabrian women's C series futsal that will see the VisioRay Catanzaro and the Corigliano-Rossano. Due to the unavailability of Rossano's “Eventi” paddle, the direct clash for the record will be played at the Mirto-Crosia stadium on Sunday 24 March but at 14: 30.

Duel that is giving away a nice slice promotion with the first Catanzaro with a single segment of advantage over the corissanesi. At stake, therefore, very high with the girls of Mr. Labonia at work with maximum concentration.

Respect for the rivals giallorosse but maximum determination to aspire to the full booty. Regular week of labors for Rose and her friends waiting for next Sunday's challenge. Recovered energy and some bruised, the CoRos will need a perfect performance to overcome the antagonist.

In front of the best defense of the rose-gold (15 goals conceded) against the best attack of the Giallorossi (160 goals scored). Corissan's general stock market which indicates 12 successes in general, 3 draws and no defeats. In contrast to Catanzaro with 13 wins, 1 sign ics and only one failure.

Meanwhile, the heartfelt appeal of the pink-gold company goes up, to push the team to success, through the words of president Galati: «We need the support of all the fans and sportsmen of the city of Corigliano-Rossano, for aspire and realize the dream of A2. Warmly supporting the girls means having an extra gear against a hostile hostile.

Such an ambitious destination, the first sports reality of the unique city, would be a great reason for pride and confidence in the future of the newborn city itself. To overcome this direct confrontation there will be a need for maximum cohesion in the field and the best support from the stands. We will play in nearby Mirto-Crosia, for which we thank you for the availability of the structure, entry will be free and we hope in a notable participation of the public of the district to win us a crossroad stage of the whole season ».

Cristian Fiorentino

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