Monday, August 19 2019
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Corigliano-Rossano captures Melicucco and looks at the direct confrontation

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New external victory for the Asd Corigliano-Rossano which also hits the field of San Luca Melicucco for 9 to 1. In the fifteenth general, of the C series futsal Calabrese women, the rose-gold exceed without obstacles the obstacle of turn remaining anchored to the second place and always with a single segment of delay from the Visioray Catanzaro. On the sidelines of a choral rehearsal, corissanesi winning and consistent but above all already projected to the challenge next week.

Furthermore, after the success of the Catanzarians on the Mediterranean, Rc sees a sprint more and more to two for the promotion. Final sprint that could at most involve the current third force Mirabella Rc with direct clashes increasingly key in first position and second place useful in play-off perspective.

In addition to the challenges of signposting, watch out for other races that could hide pitfalls for anyone. For the girls of Mr. Labonia it is vital to win the internal dispute against V. Catanzaro next Sunday. Ionic collective well determined to aspire to the maximum booty even in the next round to carry out the overtaking.

On paper, the contest is open to prediction with the rivals who can play for the double result in order to keep the leadership. Week of high concentration for Rose and companions who aim to recover the best condition of some calcettiste, not at best in this period.

For the chronicle of the last match achieved, five goals in the first half for the Corissanis: Arcuri opens, Marrazzo doubles and with the trio served by Mirafiore. Quaterna di Ruffo and five-branded still Arcuri. In the second half, the sixth goal of Mirafiore, again double Arcuri and Schicchitano for the definitive 9 at 1. Goal of the flag for the hosts of Deraco. Overall index for the CoRos that rises to twelve victories, three draws and always zero defeats as well as with the best defense of the group with only 14 conceded goals.

For President Galati's girls, it will be days of hard work to better prepare for the next exciting match. Cartel match between CoRos and V. Catanzaro scheduled for Sunday 24 March which causes the unavailability of Rossano's “Eventi” altarpiece should be played at the Mirto building at 17: 30. In this regard, however, the football division is expected to be official at 5 of the Calabrian Lnd. Certainly there will be an important public framework to push the rose-gold towards a full affirmation.

For the other results of the fifteenth general, fourth of return, Serie C futsal Calabrese: goes to the Visioray Catanzaro the big-match that at home over the Mediterranean Rc for 3 at 1, the Cus Cosenza beats on the friendly field the Futsal Catanzaro 3 a 1, Mirabella Rc stands out among the friends on the Stalettì 16 at 0, the Bold Decollatura on its own ground wins on the Borgia 6 at 1 and Roccella passes at home on the Pallagorio 19 at 2.

Rank with 40 leading points V. Cz, 39 CoRos, 35 Mirabella, 33 Mediterranean, 30 Cus Cs, 25 F. Cz, 21 SN Melicucco, 19 Roccella, 9 Stalettì, 4 Pallagorio and Borgia and A. Decollatura at 0.

Next sixteenth general and fifth round return: Sunday 24 March at 15 F. Cz-Mirabella, Pallagorio-SN Melicucco and Stalettì-A. Decollatura; at 16: 30 Mediterraneo-Cus Cs, at 17 Roccella-Borgia and presumably at 17: 30 (with possible time change) the big-match CoRos- V. Cz.

Cristian Fiorentino

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