Friday, January 24 2020
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At the Sassoleone succeeds the enterprise of Florence!

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The lionesses finally manage to beat the lilies, which seemed to be impregnable this season. Giovannini, Spada and Nicolas Antonecchia are on the net in a heart attack match. A pole hit last minute by Tanzini denies the comeback to the Florentine.

The Sassoleone is able to beat for the first time in the season Florence, winning the match of Palafilarete for 2-3 despite a rose with some changes, at the end of a dispute definitely not suitable for the faint hearted.

Guests make themselves dangerous at 3 'with Spada, Donzelli is ready. On the reversal in front of Tanzini puts Naldi in difficulty, but the number 12 para. One minute later it was Magrini who engaged Donzelli, who foils the threat thanks to an amazing flight. At the minute 9 During the shooting, Naldi intervenes in two stages. The premises go to shoot at the 16 'with Pagani, Naldi rejects; the action continues and first Lombardo then Spada go very close to the goal. The match is inflamed and the Sassoleone at the end of the first half accelerates: at the 18 'posted Giovannini from the right that serves Nicolas Antonecchia, but Donzelli anticipates. In the last minute is still the lioness number 3 protagonist, with a nice launch on the head of Spada that sends out a little. The first half is running out, but Jennifer Antonecchia commits the sixth foul on Tanzini. The free throw by Nencioni ends out.

In the second half at the 4 'Paolucci shoots a penalty high; a minute after excellent triangulation between Tanzini and Nencioni, with the latter that only gets a corner. At the 6 minute of the recovery comes the advantage of Sassoleone thanks to Giovannini, good to exploit a rebound on Marcetti and capitalize (0-1).

The lilies are shown at 8 'with Nencioni, his turn is blocked by Naldi. The host formation continues to attack and doubles: illuminating passage of Giovannini for Spada, who beats Donzelli out (0-2). The red and white do not give up and hit at the 10 'a crossbar with Marcetti, on a long-range shot.

The Florence tries to shorten the distances, Baldi from afar shoots high. It is the prelude to the mark of the home team with Guarino, good to put the ball in the seven with a shot from a distance that leaves no way out to Naldi (1-2).
The Sassoleone is even likely to suffer a draw, when a carambola Paolucci almost becomes a resounding autogoal. The third goal for Sassoleone is overthrown by Nicolas Antonecchia, who best capitalizes on the counterattack of the girls in anthracite and pink dresses, born from a lost ball in midfield from Florence (1-3).

A little more than a minute from the end a hand in the Magrini area is sanctioned with a penalty. From the Tanzini disk it is not wrong (2-3). The Florence at this point believes in the draw and is the same number 10 gigliata to look for the way of the goal from the right, Naldi denies the network. The forcing of the premises is becoming more intense, at the last minute Baldi still tries from the right but Naldi seems to have closed the gate.
Where it does not reach the extreme defender gialloblù thinks the pole, which denies the same as Tanzini on the last occasion for Florence.

The Sassoleone remains then hooked to the center ranking group, rising to 22 points, two-length from the Civitanova Dream Futsal. Sunday 17 March, beginning at 16: 00 is planning a new away match, this time in Umbria, against Real Colombine, tail light of the group B of A2 but out winner from the derby against Perugia.
Florence Calcio 5 - Sassoleone 2015 APD 2-3

Florence 5 Football: 1 Donzelli, 2 Baldi, 3 Forconi, 4 Marcetti, 6 Pagani, 7 Grillo, 9 Guarino, 10 Tanzini, 11 Lombardo, 12 Panciatici, 13 Nencioni, 15 Durante. All. Claudia Tarchiani.

Saxon 2015 APD: 1 Masciulli, 3 Antonecchia N., 7 Magrini, 8 Paolucci, 9 Giovannini, 12 Naldi, 17 Vartuli, 19 Sword, 22 Antonecchia J., 99 Hats.

Referee: Sig.ri Zingariello and Landi (Prato).
Markers: St 5.43 'Giovannini (S), 8.25' Spada (S), 13.36 'Guarino (F), 15.49' Antonecchia N. (S), 18.11 'Tanzini (F).
Notes: Ammonite Antonecchia N.

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