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Sassoleone Calcio 5 Female, victory in the direct clash!

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Bonaventura and companions won the match of the Hotelier of Castel San Pietro, thanks to a sprint start. The Sassoleone is now ninth in the standings at 15 points, while Perugia remains in penultimate position.

The imperative was to win and the lionesses succeeded. The direct clash smiles to Jennifer Antonecchia and comrades, good at picking up the match from the start and keeping the result in the second half.

A fundamental victory for the classification; with these three points the Sassoleone leads to + 4 from Perugia and, thanks to the contemporary draw of the Decima Sport Camp against Real Colombine, gains the ninth position in the ranking.

The Sassoleone immediately took the lead thanks to a maneuvered action completed well by Antonella Fina, who defeats De Giacomo (1-0). The lionesses continue their forcing and double up with Spada, good to deposit the ball in the net with the door unguarded (2-0). The rhythm is high and the Perugians show that they are not on a trip at all; then comes the Carnival network that bags shortening distances (2-1). At the 7 'Carnevali, prompted by Roose, attempts the conclusion on which the local rearguard opposes. After a period characterized by little concreteness on both sides, is the home team to 'awaken' the match: on a corner, March is released thanks to a scheme and, served by Bonaventura, puts the ball behind Di Giacomo (3-1). The Perugia feels the blow and the gialloblu, today in the anthracite jersey, take advantage of it still going to sign with La Ferrara, able to win some rebounds and beat the host defender (4-1). The team continues to have the game in hand, Paolucci intercepts a guest maneuver and kicks from distance, De Giacomo is good at putting the corner with his fingertips. At the 14 'red and white ring, Ciacci serves Colucci that frees the left on which D'Elia is ready to find refuge in corner. At the last minute, Perugia goes in goal with Di Fiore, who stabs a D'Elia outfitter, victim a few minutes before a muscular resentment (4-2).

In the second half Badiali defends the door of the Sassoleone, as already happened in the last seconds of the first fraction. Perugia at 2 'tries to mend the tear with Mastrini, his shot hits the crossbar. It's still Captain Mastrini to become dangerous right, the conclusion ends to the side. The 7 number umbra is still looking for the goal of the 5 'but twice in quick succession finds the opposition of Badiali. The Sassoleone can not build, while Perugia often shows itself in the parts of Badiali, always with greater conviction and concreteness; per minute 10 arrives the Catamerò network that puts the umbra team (4-3) back in the game. At the moment of greatest danger of Perugia, La Ferrara is quick to take advantage of the uncertainty of the red and white rearguard and only serves Paolucci in the area, which only has to support the net (5-3). Mister Montanelli then decides to try everything by inserting Mastrini as a goalkeeper of movement, but it is the transition between the offensive phase and defensive phase to betray the griffin team: the replacement between Mastrini and De Giacomo does not happen quickly enough, March is served with a long, headline launch anticipates the 1 guest number (6-3). The Umbras do not give up and fight on every ball, Bonaventura loses the ball in the process of setting up and Colucci tries to shoot, Fina and Badiali put themselves in society to foil the menace. Perugia is still in the game and at 18 'a free-kick Mastrini scheme, placed on the trocar with a right diagonal (6-4). The forcing host is contained by the Gialloblu defense, which thirty seconds later on the counterattack finds the network of tranquility with Paolucci (7-4).

The next match for the Gialloblu of Casalfiumanese is scheduled for Sunday 3 February away against the FiberPasta Atletico Chiaravalle, second force of the championship, back from the external victory against Florence.

Sassoleone 2015 APD - Perugia Futsal 7-4

Sassoneone 2015 APD: 1 D'Elia, 5 Ferrara, 6 Potolicchio, 7 Paolucci, 8 March, 9 Ricci, 10 Bonaventura, 12 Badiali, 13 Fina, 17 Vartuli, 19 Spada, 22 J.Antonecchia.

Perugia Futsal: 1 De Giacomo, 3 Colucci, 5 Catamerò, 6 Di Fiore, 7 Mastrini, 8 Goracci, 9 Brilli, 12 Vandone, 13 Ciacci, 16 Di Santi, 21 Carnivals, 23 Roose. All. Riccardo Montanelli.

Referee: Paolino (Padova) and sig. Agosta (Rovigo).
Markers: Pt 0.33 'Fina (S), 1.24' Spada (S), 1.45 'Carnevali (P), 8.54' March (S), 10.23 'La Ferrara (S), 19.46' Di Fiore (P); St 9.43 'Catamerò (P), 13.03' Paolucci (S), 13.35 'March (S), 17.55' Mastrini (P), 18.25 'Paolucci (S).

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