Friday, 15 May 2015
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Poker Falconara, three golden points against the Grisignano warriors

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Full pink, compact and determined. And so, against Real Grisignano, comes the sixth win of the season for the falchette of Mr. Neri. Opposing opponents and prohibited game for the faint of heart but in the end the test of the Citizens is convincing and the three points remain at PalaBadiali. Fly Falconara on the wings of his players, finally all recovered from various injuries.

Demonstrating to himself and to the championship that, despite the position in the standings, no opponent can be quiet. A choral test. With Dalla Villa (still on goal) and Luciani to hold the team by the hand. The Brazilian Italo is the protagonist in the opening minutes. Its the first dangerous action, in serpentine and then diagonally out of a puff, of the match. And its also the incursion that generates the foul on the edge of the area that then leads to the first goal, on a scheme, by De Angelis. The Grisignano is not there and a minute later, still on a free kick from the edge, he finds the same with Iturriaga. The Citizens do not break down and continue to grind. At the 10 'Nanà puts anxiety in the opposing rearguard, Famà is saved for a corner. Nothing can the opposing goalkeeper on Sevilla's shot, rapacious in the area on the development of a corner.

Falchette also lucky to the 16 'when Troiano, from good position, hits the crossbar with a bolide that rebounds on the line of door to Nagy beats. To close the first half in beauty, the award-winning Luciani-Dalla Villa firm takes care of it. The captain dribbles, resists, goes all the way to the left and behind for the comfortable touch of his companion.

In the second half, Grisignano immediately shows that the road will not be downhill. After not even a minute Prando receives a corner outside the box and finds the right corner with a precise right foot. The minutes flow and even if the most dangerous actions are on the blue feet, the Venetians always shake every time they come from Nagy's parts. From the Villa to the 4 'he succeeds in overtaking the goalkeeper but suffers the return of the host defense. At 8 'Nanà, with his back to the door, towing his chest and turning from a pivot of race, making the audience of the PalaBadiali jump on the seats: he yells at the goal but his missile collides with the pole. Two minutes later, the Brazilian again, in a duet with a Pascual in an excellent test on her return from injury, commits Famà for a corner. It shakes even more when the Grisignano tries, at 4 'from the end, all for the whole with the goalkeeper. The Citizens are exhausted but the fort in front of Nagy holds. At 50 seconds from the end, the heroic Luciani reconquers a ball from the defense and serves Ciferni.

The position is very angular but the left of the 11 number is capable of anything: in this case to put the result safe and to blow up the PalaBadiali in celebration. "A victory that gives us much more courage for the rest - comments Benedetta De Angelis at the end of the race - We come from a first round that undoubtedly did not satisfy us and starting with the right foot will allow us to continue in the best way "Grisignano is a team that from the point of view of competitive intensity always annoys. Accidents? I am happy with the return of many comrades on the field and I too feel clear recovery".


City of Falconara 4
Real Grisignano 2

Falconara: Nagy, Luciani, Ciferni, Dalla Villa, Ferrara; Bernotti, Antonaci, Pascual, Nanà, Sevilla, De Angelis, Verzulli. Herds Blacks.

Grisignano: Famà, Iturriaga, Prando, Turetta, Troiano, Cogo, Pezzolla, Boccardo, Silva, Ziero, Zampieri. All. Serandrei.

Networks: 06'04 "pt De Angelis (F), 07'10" Iturriaga (G), 13'30 "Sevilla (F), 18'30" From the Villa (F); 42 "st Prando (G), 19'10 '' Ciferni (F).

Notes: Famà ammonite (G), Iturriaga (G), Antonaci (F), Prando (G).

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