Tuesday, December 10 2019
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The captain is not enough against the leaders: Falconara, defeated head-on against Kick Off

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Stolen, remodeled due to the high turnout in the infirmary but the City of Falconara, although defeated by the leaders Kick Off, proves to have character to sell. She is a Sofia Luciani who is the fairy soul and feet of this team, ready to say her against everything and everyone. Citizens' 10 number signs a double with two authentic pearls, two spots to promote the entire national football movement to female 5.

Without Pascual and De Angelis injured, Nanà and Sevilla not yet at their best, the Captain wakes up the PalaBadiali already after 6 seconds of play with a real Eurogol. It beats, the ball behind Ciferni who throws forward and Luciani, defilated on the right, beats on the fly to cross. Do you remember Van Basten's goal against Russia in the European '88' final? That one. Unleashed Sofi.

It also takes a cross from the distance. Then he throws from the Villa, which finds on his diagonal a sloppy of Dibiase and the base of the pole to deny the doubling. He also remedied a yellow in Vieira that stops her while she is launched to the net. The Milan team comes at the same rocambolesca with Vanin who decides in melee. Luciani? His answer is of power and elegance: he steals the ball from the defense, he goes all the way on the counterattack and beats Dibiase at the exit with a soft lob. The PalaBadiali goes crazy.

The long applause underlines the goal number 67 of the Captain who reaches Martina Mencaccini on the roof of the Citizens bomber of all time for the Serie A. Nagy, on the other side, is a good guard. It is surprising, however, from the conclusion of Nona on the first post, on the developments of a corner. In the second half the tiredness, due to the few changes available, is felt and it is the Kick Off to play the game. Nagy is good on Guti in percussion from the left.

Ferrara commits Dibiase that repeats a few minutes later on Luciani. Still Kick Off and Nagy controls Vieira's conclusion but the pressure is finding its way around the 9 '. The 2-3 is the result of a perfect agreement between Vanin and Vieira: the first supports and then transforms the short discharge of the other. The Falconara tries to draw with Ciferni but his conclusion from the outside is deflected for a corner by Dibiase. Under a goal, Neri tries to bring himself back into a tie with the goalkeeper but the Milanese take advantage of it and on the restart, half a minute from the end, sign the final 2-4 with Vieira.


City of Falconara 2
Kick Off 4
v Falconara: Nagy, Luciani, Ciferni, From the Villa, Ferrara, Bernotti, Antonaci, Nanà, Correia, Verzulli, Sevilla. All. Blacks.

Kick Off: Dibiase, Atz, Vieira, Nona, Vanin, Guti, Belli, Pesenti, Perruzza, Plevano, Sangiovanni, Brugnoni. All Russian
v Networks: 00'06 "pt Luciani (F), 11'11" Vanin (K), 09'22 "Luciani (F), 16'51 Nona (K); 08'31" st Vanin (K), 19 '24 "Vieira (K)

Notes: ammonia Vieira (K).

Arbitri Milardi (Pescara) and Ariasi (Pescara). Cronus: Filannino (Jesi).

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