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Sassuoloone Calcio 5 Female, Florence in extremis espugna the Hotelier

Rating: 5 / 5

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The Sassoleone does not complete the comeback and is defeated by the newly promoted Florence (3-4) at the end of a high-rate competitive game. For the lionesses, double by Bonaventura and goal of La Ferrara.

Adrenaline match that was staged at the Castel San Pietro Terme Hotel. In the end, the check is Florence, Soccer 5 that after having reassumed the initial double advantage, manages to get the whole stake up for grabs thanks to the two networks of Nencioni in the last two minutes. Bonaventure and companions have therefore been nuanced, good to reassemble the passive of two networks and even to take the lead; the end is however favorable to the guests, able to overturn the result when everything seemed lost.

The Sassoleone tries to start the sprint kicking twice high with Vartuli and Ricci (2 '). The Florentine answer with Tanzini, his shot is neutralized by Naldi.
It is precisely the guests who almost surprise by surprise with Baldi, who is left alone in the area, capitalizing on a verticalization of the red and white (0-1). At the 4 'minute the Tuscan doubles: shot from the distance of Nencioni deviated by Naldi, is good Pagani to make his ball and to reiterate in the net (0-2). Florence seems to be in a favorable phase, but the local team tries to react. Paolucci shoots from a distance, Donzelli stretches and blocks the ball (8 '). Still the gialloblu, today in anthracite jersey, are shown offensive: with beaten goalkeeper both Bonaventura and La Ferrara do not find the winning touch. It is precisely the number ten of the Sassoleone to shorten the distances, collecting the inviting passage of Antonecchia in the center area and beating Donzelli out (1-2).
The hosts therefore increase the pace and look for a draw. Bonaventura in a favorable position turns in the area, but his conclusion ends at the side. Continue the forcing of Sassoleone, Fina tries but Donzelli is ready to take refuge in a corner. A 20 "from the end the sixth foul is whistled to Ricci. Nencioni shoots the free throw, Naldi hypnotizes the white-red 13 number and foils the menace.

The first opportunity of the recovery passes through the feet of the usual Dalila Nencioni, Naldi is ready (3 '). At the 5 'valuable acrobatics of Bonaventura served in the area, the inverted laps the intersection of the poles and ends outside. It is still the Sassoleone to be noticed in the offensive phase, Vartuli frees himself of a host defender and serves Spada who does not find the door. Continue the hot moment of the premises, still dangerous with Paolucci: the number seven fishing Bonaventura in the area, the conclusion is thwarted by the outgoing defender at the exit (8 '). The Florence wakes up from the torpor and has a wonderful opportunity to the minute 9, when Guarino is served from the right, his first intention throw hits the post. The Sassoleone finally reaches the coveted equal with Bonaventura, who served in the area kicked hard and beats an innocent Donzelli (2-2). After the time-out called by Miss Tarchiani, the Tuscans try to react with the conclusion of Baldi, Naldi finds himself on his way and denies the adversary's joy. It is Baldi who puts down the match of the girls of Mr. Testa, committing the sixth foul for the Florence. Ferrara takes responsibility for the free throw and makes it, completing the comeback (3-2).
The Gialloblu then try to maintain the advantage achieved with an excellent comeback, but it is here that goes into the chair Nencioni, eager to pick up the unfortunate deviation of Ricci on an unpretentious ball and leads his teammates like (3-3).
The lionesses are not there and have the opportunity to score with La Ferrara, which takes possession of the ball in the three-quarter host, his shot ends on the pole. At 31 seconds from the end comes the stroke of the knockout signed by Nencioni, who with a bolide from outside the area beats Naldi and gives the three points to Florence.

Sassoleone 2015 APD - Florence Calcio 5 3-4

Sassoneone 2015 APD: 1 D'Elia, 3 N. Antonecchia, 5 Ferrara, 7 Paolucci, 8 March, 9 Ricci, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Landini, 12 Naldi, 13 Fina, 17 Vartuli, 19 Spada. All. Gustavo Hector Testa

Florence 5 Football: 1 Donzelli, 2 Baldi, 3 Forconi, 4 Marcetti, 5 Sani, 6 Pagani, 7 During, 8 Barfucci, 9 Guarino, 10 Tanzini, 12 Panciatici, 13 Nencioni. All. Claudia Tarchiani

Referee: Mr. Gandolfi (Parma) and Mr. Sodano (Bologna)
Markers: Pt 2'17 "Baldi (F), 3'41" Pagani (F), 10'06 "Bonaventura (S), st 12'25" Bonaventura (S) 16'57 "La Ferrara (S), 18 '40 "Nencioni (F), 19'29" Nencioni (F).

Notes: Ammonite Nencioni (F), Ricci (S), Baldi (F)

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