Sunday, 20 October 2019
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At Corigliano-Rossano Futsal it is time for psychophysical preparation

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After the remarkable market of the last few months, for the new born Asd Corigliano-Rossano Futsal it is time for psychophysical preparation. The jonica troupe under the orders of Mr. Labonia and the goalkeeper's trainer Lo Gatto started to sweat at the Mirto sports hall. Under the super vision of the general director Rago and president Galati, taken the pre-season preparation phase to amalgamate the new roster between schemes and mechanisms.

Workouts and possible friendly preparatory preparations for the first official Italian Cup, scheduled for Wednesday 5 December, against the Crotonesi of Pallagorio. Return-match scheduled, instead, for Saturday 22 December at the "Pala Eventi" of Rossano. Society and team of President Galati received by the president of the city council of Crosia, Francesco Russo, who wanted to bring the greetings of the municipal administration to the new and ambitious sports club.

On the other hand, the rose-gold club thanked the institution for its willingness to use the structure of Mirto for its preparation. Waiting for some other piece to be included already in the strong staff, to work in the group also talented local girls who can only grow, learn and improve alongside experienced football players.

Among the under-rose girls, grown under the guidance of Maria Chiara Rose, include Viviana Cimino, Miriana Perrella, Paola Morrone, Annalina Valente, former captain of the MM Sport Cantinella of President Mario Molinaro thanked for the effective cooperation to the project by President Galati . Among the other juniors also Bina Ruffo, Mariachiara Magliarella and Valentina Smurra who at just 14 years is the real mascot of the group.

A group that will be guided not only by the Labonia trainer but also by the more experienced Arcuri, Beltrano, Fucile, Marrazzo, Mirafiore, Rose and Scardamaglia to achieve the desired goals. In the other groups of the Cup in the 2 Audace Decollatura group, Cus Cosenza and Visioray Catanzaro, in the 3 Futsal Catanzaro, Roccella and Stalettì group and in the 4 Mediterranean Rc, Mirabella Rc and San Nicola Melicucco.

Cup competition that, like the future series C championship, will see the Cus Cs, the Catanzarese teams and the regents among the most awaited as well as the Corigliano-Rossano futsal. There is a thrilling, balanced and emotional season ahead.

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