Friday, November 15 2019
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The striker Marika Poldrugovac to the female Etrusca

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Very important grafting at the Etruscan Women's Home: striker Marika Poldrugovac, 1984 class, in the season just started is the added value of the 5 football team coached by Mister Marcello Rinaldi. "I am very determined in my new football experience", the words of the player, "I want to do very well.

I found a solid and correct group, extremely available and extremely valuable girls; a little 'of serenity in the team was what I wanted and hoped. "Trapela so much satisfaction in this girl deeply in love with football:" I was out several months because of a back problem, now I'm very happy to have undertaken this adventure again. moreover, in a thick company. Coming back to the field is always exciting, but when there is passion, everything is different ".

Grit, determination and desire to get high: quality that is not lacking in Marika Poldrugovac, in the field and also in her work. "I collaborate with two strong exponents in the national territory both with fashion events, both for musical events, so many news and projects in the pipeline.

My activity is different from the others: when I started it at 360 ^ degrees, working on my own, I have also included many sacrifices but if you like an activity you can not do without it. "Monday 15 October the Etruscan Women started the championship losing size (1-0) against the European: "Personally I could do much more, but this will help me to improve myself.

Regarding the team - from my point of view - has behaved well: we will take away many satisfactions. "Satisfaction that will come thanks to a reference point and an example that has a name and a surname: Marika Poldrugovac.

Enrico Ferranti.

Author: Enrico Ferranti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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