Tuesday, December 10 2019
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The 22 on the shoulders and a hawk in the heart: Benedetta De Angelis returns to Falconara

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The 22 number of the Falconara blue shirts will once again be by Benedetta De Angelis. Another welcome return, after that of Sara Correia, in the hangar of PalaBadiali in view of the Serie A 2018 / 2019 championship that will start, yesterday's news of the Division, right where the unfortunate last season ended: against Real Grisignano.

De Angelis returns to Falconara, where he has already collected 20 appearances and 11 goals, after the Roman brackets (Lazio, first, and Olimpus Roma last year) with the certainty of being at home. "Sometimes we start to have a place to come back - says hot - In these years of wandering, which took me more than once to leave places that I did not want to leave, I realized that" home "can be many things : a place, a city, a person, a small room, a heart, a sweaty shirt, the echo of a building that screams your name ".

That echo that must have felt loud and clear last November during the PalaBadiali match against Olimpus with the tribute to the entire tribune's midfield before the start of hostilities. So much heat that the company in Via dello Stadio has already decided: the deputy of Captain Sofia Luciani will be her.

"Often - he adds - I was afraid of these continuous changes, I wanted to take root in a field, to stop and rest my feet on only two coordinates, but then I resigned myself to this incessant movement, an internal migration (external and interior) which I can not in any way oppose .. Now this migration has (re) taken me to a place that I had left hanging, between the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic, between the fears and certainties, between a noisy present and a future that awaits me at the door as a particularly apprehensive father: I do not feel like a prodigal daughter returning home, I do not regret these space-time jumps that always feed me, nourish me and educate me. Starting is the first step to return.

Thanks Olimpus because you let me go, thanks Falconara because you make me come back ".

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