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City of Falconara, Mondini: "Seriousness and sacrifices to grow and last over time" The repechage "Justice is done"

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The new series A, the new PalaBadiali, the organization of the company and the future of Falconara. The general manager Lorenzo Mondini has a clear idea of ​​what the 2018 / 2019 season will be like, but also sets the stage for years to come.

"We have the ambition to reach the highest level but we want to get there by degrees.The City of Falconara celebrates this year its 23 years of history, a continuity made of seriousness, a harbinger of future successes when you see teams that win titles and then they disappear or almost "comments the GM. It starts obviously from the repechage in Serie A, according to the manager.

"Justice is done - he says - We relegated to the field against Real Grisignano who deserved but we did not have to playout: we went to the play-offs while a company that failed to sign up again, dismantled the team in the championship without paying The players have been punished with a society, ours, which even with a thousand sacrifices, perhaps delays, has always honored and paid all the players while others make pharaonic promises and then do not keep them.In this Series A there should be place only for companies that respect the commitments made I think of our captain Sofia Luciani, with his gesture, to stay with Falconara regardless of the category that would be disputed, gave us a big injection of confidence.It should be an example for all those athletes we see from year to year, turning teams without perceiving what is promised to them ... Rather than being duped, they would serve reasoning and concreteness. made a choice of heart but also rational not to fall into traps that unfortunately in this sport there are. Falconara has however a human side, made of the seriousness of people who honor the commitments. Everyone would like to buy the strongest players on the square and win titles, but if we can not afford it we prefer to promise what we can keep and preserve dignity. Ours is a profile that, we are sure, in the medium term will allow us to obtain increasing results ".

We start from Falconara, therefore. In addition to the women's Serie A, the CdF will also be present in the under 21 championship and female juniors. "In the men's, however, we will start from C2 keeping the group of guys that last year, on a human level, has given us so much satisfaction and the men under 21" announces Mondini, in his second year with the association of Via dello Stadio. "I have both positive and negative experiences in the first year because I am wrong to learn - he underlines - I would like there to be greater cohesion in society, greater harmony, and from the purely technical and operational point of view we are seeing increased maturity. problematic also because we left very late, this year, although waiting for the repechage, we had more time to plan. "Act with greater calm allows you to work better". New players, new sponsors ("those who have already provided their support are also confirmed for the coming year and negotiations are under way with other potential partners") and new PalaBadiali with the beginning of the restyling from the second half of August.

"Objectively," Mondini admits, "it was the right time to intervene on a structure that was beginning to feel the weight of the years.The current taraflex had deteriorated to the limit of homologation, beyond any inconvenience, and anyway we got equipped with regard to the athletic preparation of the girls, it is nice to feel the proximity of the municipal administration, as it pleases to take the field in a structure more in step with the times.There will be various steps in the restructuring program and probably the final result will be seen later. with great pleasure the start of the work as a symbol of the rebirth of Falconara sport.In the city it is felt that there is a desire to be able to return to cheer a team that does sport at a high level.The futsal is a movement that overall is growing involving more and more people, we have also noticed this with the increase in attendance at PalaBadiali, making a Serie A is a great reason for organizing lio for Falconara. Not just for citizens, for us, for athletes but also for companies that decide to support this path ".

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