Sunday, December 15 2019
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Two flashes bend the Falconara, the cynical Statte makes full booty at the PalaBadiali

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A city of Falconara shabby by the ailments of Lidu and Luciani crashes against the wall of the Real Statte, cynical enough to capitalize on the opportunities and make the whole stakes up for grabs. Citizens further penalized by a mediocre arbitrage seasoned by quite controversial episodes that add anger to regret. It starts with Luciani bandaged for a pain in the knee. The captain remains heroically in the field for almost the entire game but the verve is not the best days. Sevilla is also missing, disqualified after the yellow recovered Wednesday in Terni.

Among the Pugliesi, same fate for Duco. Ready, go and you immediately understand that overcoming Margarito will not be an easy task. The goalkeeper from Puglia is author of the 2 'two amazing parades in succession first on the conclusion of Luciani and, in the following, on Lidu a sure blow. At the 13 'Marcella is unlucky: only pole for her. At 17 'Lidu, after a regular game clash, he injured his knee and was forced out. Will miss the whole game except, limping, the minutes of the final assault. With the Statte on the fifth foul, the referees fly over numerous foul actions that would have allowed the Citizens free throw. Solar a pull for the shirt against Sofia Luciani. Time seems to flow and scoreless nets but at 30 seconds from the end the cold shower. The deadly restart of the Statte and Mansueto beats Brugnoni diagonally.

In the second half the pressure of the falconareses to chase the draw begins again. They try in series Shai (out of little), Luciani diagonally (para Margarito). Then it is Pascual's turn, oversize and still Shai. Margarito looks unbeatable. The 1-1 arrives on the umpteenth shot of Shai: Margarito para but in the run Ion puts his own goal on the rebound. Very careful statutes in defense and very fast on the break. Brugnoni performs the miracle of the day face to face with Mansueto at 13 '. A few seconds from the 17 'the most contested episode of the game. Shai, thrown into the goal, tries to dribble the opposing goalkeeper. Margarito opposes her and with one hand takes away the ball. Out of area. From the stands we expect punishment and expulsion of the goalkeeper but for the whistles it's all regular. Ten seconds later the Statte network arrives: choral action and fast in restart, Mansueto makes the bank for Ion that bag despite the desperate run-up of the Falconara defense. At that point Neri test with Marcella goalkeeper of movement. The final assault is seasoned by another dubious episode in the Apulian area with Margarito ruining Marcella. Despite the Marche protests, for the arbitration pair it's all regular. Beyond the recriminations, a result that penalizes beyond measure the City of Falconara that, in the presence of a good team like the Real Statte, has once again demonstrated its value.

City of Falconara 1
Real Statte 2

City of Falconara: Brugnoni, Lidu, Pascual, Shai, Luciani, Scaloni, Rossi, Marcella, Ferrara, Bernotti. All. Blacks.
Real Statte: Margarito, Pereira, Pegue, Mansueto, Oliveira, Russo, Ion, Marangione, Maione, Pordenoni. All. Marzella.
Referees: Mavaro (Parma) and Mestieri (Finale Emilia). Crono: Alessandroni (Ancona).
Networks: 19'30 '' pt Mansueto (S), 6 'st aut. Ion (F), 17 'Ion (S).
Notes: Ammonite Pegue (S), Shai (F), Pereira (S).

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