Saturday, 07 December 2019
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Coppari marks and the Ferelle conquer Barletta

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A difficult and difficult match that already before the kick-off was predicted uphill because the Salinis scene in Barletta is a growing and healthy team. Ready via the Ternana U. Female ranks Mascia, in precarious condition given the fever of the night before, Schmidt, Manieri, Coppari and Renata. Immediately strong team rossoverde that arrembante immediately packs the first two occasions, the third attempt is Renata to hit the center with a tapin after the empty exit of the former Tardelli, one to zero and everything seems easy, but it will not be.

In eight minutes the Ferelle play on velvet: first Manieri then Renata and finally Brandolini do not make the 0-2 by a whisker. Shortly before the end of the first half Salinis throws himself forward and finds after a beat and replies the goal with Privitera who discharges a nice right under the crossbar from a position also unfiltered. You go to the rest a little 'surprise on the use of one.

Second half where we would expect a good and good boarding of the rossoverdi instead the team of Shindler does not raise the pace and plays with time, perhaps a little 'too much because the square and compact pugliese first scare rossoverdi with a couple of occasions from the limit (save Mascia and then Neka) and then make a beautiful network all before a side foul with Fernandez. At this point the Ferelle shook by the disadvantage are thrown forward in a way to tell the truth a bit 'confusing and not very effective even if stylistically impeccable, but at the limit of the affected. At the sixteenth turn of the match: Dal Maz prevents Schmidt from beating a side foul on the counterattack and is cautioned for the second time, expulsion. With the player in more Manieri is very clever and with a fake download his right on the legs of Tardelli with the ball that goes into the net. It is 2-2 and after two laps of clock the Ferelle, with the pride of the great team, make 2-3 with Coppari that crosses a right bomb under the crossings. The guest sector explodes, where about fifty rossoverde fans were crowded. Forty-eight seconds and final whistle, a victory from Fere, or rather Ferelle. The appointment is now for Wednesday 31 January at 20 against the Falconara at the Pala Di Vittorio.


FUTSAL SALINIS: Tardelli, Azevedo, Silver, Exana, Rozo, Pezzolla K., Fernandez, Mazzaro, Pezzolla M., Privitera, Dal'maz, Russo. All. Porcelluzzi

UNICUSANO TERNANA: Mascia, Renatinha, Jessika, Brandolini, Valeria, Coppari, Presto, Neka, Bianchi, Bisognin, Lorenzoni, Trumino. All. Shindler

MARKERS: 8'33 '' pt Renatinha (T), 18'42 '' Privitera (S), 8'58 '' st Fernandez (S), 17'07 '' Jessika (T), 19'07 '' Coppari (T)

AMMONITE: Tardelli (S), Dal'maz (S), Jessica (T), Brandolini (T), Renatinha (T)

ESPULSE: to the 16'01 '' of St Dal'maz (S) for sum of admonitions

ARBITRI: Arrigo D'Alessandro (Bernalda), Saverio Carone (Bari) CHRONO: Cristian Mastropasqua (Foggia)

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