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Falconara to the last breath, equal against the Salinis: emotions to no end at PalaBadiali

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For the last race of the 2017 the City of Falconara chooses the roller coaster of a result always poised and that, after the advantage of the first half, was about to compromise in the presence of a Salinis for nothing docile, never renouncing. On the lead two times, the girls of Neri do overcome in the second half and only 45 seconds from the end, playing with the fifth movement, they manage to impact. The exciting competition of the PalaBadiali with the public of the best occasions and a lot of musical interlude between the two times with the performance of tenor Augusto Celsi: standing ovation for him at the end of the "Nessun dorma", the famous aria of Puccini's Turandot.

Ready, go and it is immediately the City of Falconara to play the game. Already at 3 'comes the net of the blue advantage with Shai, good at stealing the ball to the last defender opponent and beat Tardelli with a precise touch. The Apulians do not seem to worry the landlords who around the 10 'have the possibility of doubling thanks to a nice duet between Sevilla and Lidu. Tardelli this time is good guard on the conclusion of the Brazilian pivot. The Salinis draw comes to the 12 '. The classic goal you do not expect. Luciani works a ball in defense but the attempt to sweep turns into an involuntary assist that carambola on the legs of Dal'Maz and mockery Brugnoni. Everything to be redone. The Citizens take the opposing goal to the last. Less than 25 seconds from the end Tardelli is opposed from champion to Lidu. On the next corner the ball arrives to Luciani who from the distance is made to forgive the previous blunder: 2-1 and goes in the locker room. Entertainment in the show, also to make Christmas wishes to all present, the performance of the tenor of Ancona Augusto Celsi between the first and second half. The public of PalaBadiali, who certainly did not expect it, liked to clap enthusiastically standing on the steps. Another initiative, this time with a beneficial background, the presence at the entrance of a corner with 2018 calendars of Miss 500 Vintage, made by Bc Events, whose proceeds will be donated to the municipality earthquake of Ussita for the construction of a recreational center for children. The "Vincerò" of Turandot, in the second half, unleashes the Pugliesi between the 4 'and the 7' overturn the result. The draw is signed by Fernandez who, caught in the middle of the area, catches on the fly and beats Brunoni outside. Dal'Maz does 2-3 by asserting the physique in the area. The backlash is felt and only the umpteenth stratospheric proof of Brunoni allows the Marches to stay afloat. On the other side of the pitch, Tardelli is decisive on at least three great occasions that have happened to Shai, Luciani and Lidu. There is no lack of protests for a showy foul in the area of ​​Puglia but the referee, the Terni Salicchi, continues. When there are three short minutes left at the end of the match, mister Neri tries the fifth move card with Luciani. The final assault, at 45 seconds from the triple whistle, brings back the smile. Marcella from the right puts in the middle, Pozzato in an attempt to anticipate Lidu pierces his door: 3-3 and result that will not change anymore.

A point won or two points lost? According to Mr. Neri "the draw is tight, shame because in the first half we played better and a lot. Unfortunately there was an error in defense, it happens, and the fact that he scored the captain is a great sign: the team is there, fighting and we have seen him even today in catching up a game that seemed lost. The 2018? I'm optimistic but I see the chase in the standings has cost so much energy. The desire to improve is there, we make avoidable mistakes. We have this break and we have to use it to recharge the energy ahead of Lazio. It will be a very difficult match. The recovery at the 3 January requires to continue to train even under the holidays but maybe it's better this way: we must not give up and be fully convinced in every situation ». To take stock of the year just ended and the next think of the company, the general manager Lorenzo Mondini: "We knew we had left late and with so many difficulties - he says - the budget so far can only be positive and we must be proud of the work done until now. In recent months there has been an escalation of results and corporate growth. After the break we can recover the injured players and insert the new arrivals to the best. The games say we can play with anyone. This group has shown to have many values, especially human and character. I am also pleased to highlight the great contribution of the public of PalaBadiali. We started very warmly but with few appearances, today we have seen a palas full and involving ». In the stands, to incite the companions, there was also Corin Pascual: "Today, unfortunately, the race was conditioned by the referee who has not booed several fouls against us. The girls did a great performance even if at times I saw her tired and this led to some distraction on the goals. The break will do us good. Our strength is the group. True that there has been a leap in quality but we must not be content. We must continue to work and respectfully watch everyone, playing every game as if it were a final ».


City of Falconara 3
Salinis 3

City of Falconara: Brugnoni, Sevilla, Luciani, Shai, Lidu; Bernotti, Marcella, Rossi, Ferrara, Scaloni, Veroni. All. Blacks.

Salinis: Tardelli, Fernandez, Ziero, Azevedo, Silver; Russo, Pezzolla K., Mazzaro, Pezzolla M., Privitera, Exana, Dal'Maz. All. Porcelluzzi.

Referees: Salicchi (Terni) and Casadei (Cesena). Crono: Errico (Ancona).

Networks: 3 'pt. Shai (F), 12 'pt Dal'Maz (S), 19' 43 '' pt Luciani (F); 4 'st Fernandez (S), 7' st Dal'Maz (S), 19'15 '' aut. Pozzato (S).

Notes: ammonite Ziero (S), Sevilla (F), Shai (F), Pozzato (S), Exana (S).

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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