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Falconara knocks four times and then resists: victory over Fasano and now the leaderboard smiles

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"There's only one captain." The PalaBadiali sings it at the end of Città di Falconara - Fasano and a banner is hung on the steps. Dedicated to her: Sofia Luciani. The 10 number of falconers was awarded before the match for having reached the record of appearances in Serie A. In his 4 years in Falconara he played 77 matches (including that of yesterday). So much affection repaid with a monstre performance, crowned also by a goal (the number 48, second bomber of all time), in the 4-3 trimmed last night, Wednesday 13 December, at Stone Five Fasano.

Third consecutive victory that catapults the City of Falconara over the playout area and 4 points from the Italian Cup Final Eight. A difficult goal since Lazio, at 20 points, has 3 races in less (and one to recover with the same Falconara) but, for mathematics, not impossible. However unthinkable a couple of months ago, signal that the new grafts and the work of Mr. Massimiliano Neri are bearing fruit. Ready, via and Fasano immediately dangerous with Naiara wedged, surpasses Brugnoni but extends too much the ball. Chills to no more than a minute from the start but they shake the Citizens in goal, a few seconds later with the usual Lidu: shooting, Pasinato's parade and retuned from a position that leaves no way out: 1-0 and 11esima network for pivot Brazilian. Fasano begins to press. Pasinato often comes out of the poles to give numerical superiority to the companions but at the 9 'the sortie is bad for him. Luciani steals the ball from his half field and draws a trajectory that sits on the net. The double advantage galvanizes the falconaresi. Erika Ferrara makes his debut in Serie A and the 10 'immediately shows what he is capable of: dribble close to the direct opponent and a great shot that forces Pasinato overtime. Business card more than appreciated by the public of PalaBadiali. In the first half final Brugnoni neutralized a shot by Di Turi while 45 '' from the whistle, the umpteenth mess of the "flying" Pasinato, Lidu launches Luciani who, forced to overcome an opponent defender, gives precious seconds to the goalkeeper to fall between the poles and neutralize the conclusion in a corner.

In the second half the Fasano does not give up and after 6 minutes it shortens the distances. Sevilla protects a ball destined for the bottom, Naiara slips and manages to put in the middle for Belam that leaves no way out to Brugnoni. Match reopened. As long as captain Luciani did not invent one of his games: ball won in defense, serpentine to cut the field from left to right, jumping opponents such as bowling pins and inviting support on the far post that the rival Sevilla must only push into the goal. So much stuff. Before the Fasano manages to regain concentration, the 4-1 also arrives. The signing Shai (third stamp in three games for the Brazilian) who backs the door goes well to an opponent and beats Pasinato with a precise touch on the far post. The Pugliese play the fifth card of movement. Inside Sangiovanni. The pressure increases. Brugnoni is ready in different circumstances and at the 14 'miraculously hits the heel of Campanile. Di Turi at 17 'and Sangiovanni at 18' reopen the Apulian hopes. The last two minutes are of fire but the result does not change anymore. "It's our third consecutive victory and this gives us so much morale - Brugnoni says at the end of the race - finally we get points and we are able to demonstrate what we do in training on the pitch. Today we managed to counter the opponents and, together, to maintain the result. The locker room is there, the team is united: I think we can see when we are on the pitch. I also believe that from now on we can take away some satisfaction ". Erika Ferrara at the beginning did not hear the gap between A and A2 at all, despite the young age. "Between A and A2 rhythm and quality of play are different - he explains - the players are of another level: you must always be very careful and do not lose the thread of the game even for a second. I found a very close team and certainly this is our strong point. My debut? I'm not complaining. The only regret is that I failed to realize the opportunities I had ". In the stands there was also Marcella Martin Blancho, the Brazilian citizen who had arrived from the side of Via dello Stadio for a few days and waiting to perfect his membership: «I saw a good team, they played very well. It's a pleasure to be here and I can not wait to help, "he greeted.


City of Falconara 4
Stone Five Fasano 3

City of Falconara: Brugnoni, Lidu, Shai, Luciani, Sevilla, Scatizza, Scaloni, Pascual, Ferrara, Rossi, Bernotti. All. Blacks.

Stone Five Fasano: Pasinato, Di Turi, Sangiovanni, Belam, Naiara, Demarchi, Campanile, Adamuccio, Ponzo, D'Errico. All Monopoli.

Networks: 1'30 '' pt Lidu (FAL), 9 'pt Luciani (FAL); 6'30 '' st Belam (FAS), 10 'st Sevilla (FAL), 11'30' 'st Shai (FAL), 17'15' 'st Di Turi (FAS), 18' St Sangiovanni (FAS).

Notes: ammonite Di Turi (FAS), Shai (FAL).

Referees: Massicci (San Benedetto del Tronto) and Gobbi (Macerata). Crono: Alessandroni (Ancona).

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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