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Interview with Alessandro Gulmini, mister Atletico Vigarano

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When was your passion for football born?
The passion for football has always been there, even if in a different way: at the beginning I liked to watch a game intended as pure show, now I like to look at it with more critical eyes and the real show for me is to analyze it thoroughly in all its mechanics. I watch many games of every league, even minor ones and foreign ones: there is always something interesting for me.

Can you tell us about your experience in this sport?
I stopped playing very soon, just after the youth sector. I have not found, in the coaches with whom I have competed as a player, that something more and those technical and specific skills that you need in this area. Now, after twenty years of studies and benches, I have understood many things and I am very satisfied with my journey. I can say that I have no regrets.

How long have you been training?
I started training very young, doing many experiences between football and soccer at 5, both male and female, in addition to several years in the youth sector that I had to abandon reluctantly for work reasons. Undoubtedly among all these categories, the one that gives me more satisfaction is the feminine: girls have a desire to learn extremely superior and it is a pleasure for me to work in this sector.

What coach are you? Your strengths and weaknesses
I have always been used to doing with what you have at home, without big claims, the only one from which I always expect a lot, I like the attention to detail and I believe in the methodology of work. I like it and I consider it essential for a coach to prepare and constantly update: at the moment I have the UEFA B license but the ambition to achieve a more qualifying one is always there. I can not say what are my strengths and weaknesses, I should ask who I trained but I hope I have transmitted something to everyone.

Are you at the first season in Vigarano: conditions and feelings?
The company is composed of fantastic people dragged by the president who with his enthusiasm, sometimes too excessive, carries on this project and that impressed me and convinced me to accept the task. The goal for this season is the qualification to the final stages, but we do not stop at that: the main goal is the growth of girls and through this get as high as possible. It takes time to assimilate the information when you start working in a different way but these girls burn the stages and the last match was confirmed.

Do you describe yourself in the round? Do you have a particular motto to inspire you?
I am a coach who prefers to remain in the background, the protagonists must be who goes on the pitch. As a result, I prefer to describe myself through the moment of my team. When I arrived I found a situation that I did not like: a first group of girls, neglected from a technical point of view tactical and reduced by the minute and another group of more experienced girls that seemed to me drained after the final lost last season. After a few months we are faced with a single group, a team, where everyone is involved and play every game, even if with different minutes. In addition, those who play for many years, even ten or twenty, driven by the curiosity of a different method of work is back to get involved. All this makes me very happy with the work done so far and pushes me to do even better. In short, I do not have a real motto, but what these girls convey to me is my greatest source of inspiration.


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