Monday, December 09 2019
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Football 5: Virtus Fenice - Roma women's football 2 - 6

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Triplet Mellal, two Santilli and a goal by Bartolini for the Giallorossi who enter the Final Four.
Call it a miracle (sports), call it a business or simply want a team not to give up until the end and that went on the field of the Fenice convinced of being able to overturn the heavy passive (1-5) of the first leg. This was the Roma Calcio Femminile that managed to impose itself for 6 2 accessing the Final Four, at the end of a hard-fought match, sometimes daring.

THE CHRONICLE: The first half ended with the result of 1 1 (Mellal goal) with the Giallorossi who do not shine and are kept afloat by the goalkeeper Ricci that limits the passive with decisive saves. All other music the second half, the girls of Rome change gear, increase the pressure and in fifteen minutes manage to score 3 networks (2 Mellal, 1 Bartolini). The game stops, then, for 7 minutes because of the injury to Mellal brought to the hospital, but the break does not break the spell. It resumes with the goal of Santilli for the Giallorossi and two parades of Ricci on free throw. One minute from the end the incredible happens, the Giallorossi take the net that would cut the legs to anyone, because it is the one that would say goodbye to the Final Four after so much effort, but the game is not over yet, Santilli does not give up and he succeeds in scoring the 6 to 2 which gives Roma the qualification for the Cup final. The victory is also for Fabiana Alessandro, the Giallorossi player who will have to work for the breaking of the crusader.

The Giallorossi have fielded everything: heart, grit, technique, strength, pride, skill ... So they got the better of Virtus Fenice who after the victorious race of the first leg probably thought he had the qualification in his pocket. The arancionere, however, did not consider the great character and desire to win Capatti's team this year that showed that under no circumstances, even starting from a disadvantage of 5 to 1, feels a sacrificial victim. Too bad for the injury to Mellal that spoiled the final party. We will know more about the size of the ankle injury today after all the instrumental tests, but it would seem less serious than expected. Good luck to her.

Here are the final comments by Mr. Capatti: "I had said it after the race on Saturday: let's give us a dream called Final Four and we did it.
The girls have done something extraordinary, overturning an 5 with 1 that is hard for anyone to digest. They did it their way, playing, suffering, risking ... but they did it.
We are satisfied with the path we are doing and this Final Four is the right reward for many sacrifices.

I still have in my eyes the tears of the first year after the return of the quarters in Rieti and there I promised that I would take them to play a Final Four. Promise kept.
I want to dedicate this qualification to two girls (and I do not want the others): Mellal due to injury and Silvia Ricci, extreme defender that so far in the Cup has replaced Valeriani worthily, taking us to the final act.

Without too much enthusiasm, however, because Saturday we expect another battle to win. "
I remember that the attached photos made available for your use are owned by Roma Calcio calcio, photographer Grazia Menna.

Maria Quintarelli
Resp. Communication Roma Calcio Femminile
Red. Magic Force and
Resp. Red. Sports The Monthly
Press Relator Union Romani Fans
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