Tuesday, January 21 2020
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The Olimpus overwhelms the City of Thiene and climbs to the 2 ° place with a race to be recovered

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The Olimpus overwhelms the City of Thiene and is alone in second place with a race in less than Pescara. Six goals from Dayane, two goals for Taina Santos.
THIENE - Olimpus Roma does not stop anymore, on the contrary. The pace of Daniele D'Orto's training is always safer, day after day. In the province of Vicenza, the Roman team overwhelms a modest City of Thiene with a goleada. It ends 2-12 for olimpe. The markings for the blues formation: Dayane Da Rocha scored six, double for Taina Santos, scored with a network Cortes, Lisi, Pomposelli and Blanco.

At the end of the Olimpus home game to speak is Roberta Maione who reads the race: "We started slowly but then, we shot well and we managed to make some games we had prepared in the week. well enough.There are still many things to fix, we will work in the week ". In short, beyond the result, in the house of the team in Rome aims to perfection. And when we ask her if she imagined this race, Maione replies: "I do not know, I never imagine them." In order to best meet the opponent in these categories, it is good to always be prepared ". For this the formation of Mr. D'Orto took the field in the second half with the same motivation, without changing the attitude on the pitch, despite a very favorable partial (1-5).

"This is a sport where an important advantage in the first half may not be enough to win a race.If you drop the pace a little, you have teams that can resume the game in front of you.The shot started well, without ever lowering the pace of play ".

Goleador. "The team is taking shape and is proving its worth," says Dayane Da Rocha, once again a true player of the race. "I scored six goals but because I have a team behind that gives me the right support, it's not just my merit but of the whole team, I thank the club, the staff and my teammates for the goals I'm scoring."

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