The Olimpus drops the poker to Lazio: at the PalaGems ends 2-4. Triplet for Dayane

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ROME - The formation of Daniele D'Orto expels PalaGems. After a first time in balance (ended with a partial 1-1), the Olimpus Roma is imposed in the second half. A sign Dayane Da Rocha (hat-trick) and Giulia Lisi, very good at directing the game in the right direction in a topical moment. The "7" number, already decisive in the Super Cup, scored the 1-3 network, then Dayane finally closed the Lazio practice. In closing, the Soldevilla network arrives to shorten the distances.

The race. At the PalaGems the derby of the capital is staged. Lazio and Olimpus Roma have faced three times in the last season, marked by as many successes in favor of the formation of Daniele D'Orto. The blues formation, today in orange jersey, begins the race with this formation: Giustiniani, Cortes, Gayardo, Santos and Rocha. Responds Lazio with Tirelli, Alvino, Soldevilla, Beita, Lucileia. At 2'16 '' the first ring of the biancoceleste home match with the former Lucileia who kicks in goal but finds Giustiniani ready. At the 4 'comes the Olimpus response with a strong but central shot that, diverted by Tirelli, is rejected by the crossbar.

The formation of Daniele D'Orto tries to push with greater insistence. A 5 '43' 'important action for the Olimpus: Pomona off-heeled Gimena Blanco kicking on the outside of the door. Two minutes later it is the post to reject the shot from an invited position by Giulia Lisi. At the 9 'Taina Santos serves Dayane, the Olimpus player shoots at the near post, Tirelli coming in to the corner. Three minutes later the reaction of Lazio, in a conclusion from a defile position of Lucileia rejected by Giustiniani. 14'28 '' yellow "generous" in Cortes for a contact judged as foul on Soldevilla from which springs a free kick from the position invited for Lazio: Lucileia puts under the intersection and gives Lazio the lead (1-0). 14'33 '' the Olympus's answer is concrete in a Dayane shot that Tirelli does not hold and the ball exceeds the goal line. Race on the 1-1. Three minutes later Pomposelli tries, spitting a ball served by Blanco, Tirelli stretches and gets there. The first fraction of the game thus closes in perfect balance.

In the initial stages of the recovery the game is at times confused. Actions follow one another on the other but the balance of the game struggles to hang on one side or the other. A 6'39 '' counterattack of the formation biancoceleste, Soldevilla face to face with the door kicks on the post. 30 '' after Barca serves on the opposite side Sabatino who fails to direct the door and sends out. 8'18 '' Blanco's long shot, Dayane receives and turns to goal but hits the post again. But at the 9'26 '' Cely launches long for Dayane who kicks in the direction of the far post and hits the center! 1-2 for the Olimpus. 7 '' after Lucileia receives an incredible ball in the center-area but hits the post to the left of Giustiniani. 11 'counterattack of the Olimpus with a ball to Dayane that from the three-quarters commits Tirelli. At 12 'Dayane stands between Cely Gayardo and the Lazio goal. And after one on Lucilaia's pole, on the restart, Olimpus scored with Lisi, who from a central position directed the ball to the first post: the ball hit the inside of the post and went into the goal. Lisi still has two opportunities to hit but can not direct his conclusions. From the 16 'Lazio deploys the goalkeeper of movement. After 29 '' the Olimpus passes again, again with Dayane Da Rocha who brings his markings to three and the game on the 1-4. 16'42 '' free throw in favor of Lazio: from the disk Beita kicks high above the crossbar. At 19 'Soldevilla with a shot from close range kicked just a little high. A 29 '' from the term Beita serves in the center for the Spanish player who arrives on time to the appointment with the ball and shortens the distance (2-4). But there is no more time to recover. Olimpus wins the PalaGems, wins three precious points and takes home the first derby of the season.

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