Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Falconara, the emergency responds with heart and grit: defeat head held high against the Ternana

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Fourth consecutive defeat over four races. Still standing at the stake together with Thiene and Rambla. Very short pink waiting to perfect the membership of the Brazilian Lidù and Shai. An injured president until 25 October and the most experienced player, the pivot of the Corin Pascual defense, disqualified for two races. However, in Falconara, everyone is smiling. Company, coach, fans. Crazed? No. They have just finished seeing Falconara - Ternana, midweek on Wednesday 11 October, fourth day of this long Serie A championship.

Defeat, ok, but against the usual strong Ferelle illuminated by the superfine game of Renatinha and a rose that, despite the other jewels of the former family jewels Maite and Taina Santos, has long ago run into the gritty feet of Neka, Coppari and Presto. Moreover, in a situation of extreme emergency: said of Pascual (which will also miss the race on Sunday in Statte) are added the troubles of Sevilla feverish already after Grisignano and in the field despite the thermometer advises the opposite. Yet, despite everything, Falconara is alive. At the early goal of Presto, on the developments of a corner, the answer is entrusted to the feet of Sevilla, parade by Mascia, just a minute later.

At 6 'Costantini very well harps a millimeter throw of Sofia Luciani but does not frame the door. The Ternana pushes a lot but the tactical plot designed by Mr. Neri bears the shock. Brugnoni, blameless on the first mark, is again mocked at 10 'by a deviation on the great shot, this time, of Presto. It could do a hat trick if the Falconara 1 super number does not close the gate to just 5 seconds from the end. The recovery opens with the Ternana still forward. Renatinha sows the panic in the opposing area and serves Coppari an inviting ball on the far post but the wound hits the conclusion. It is unfortunate a few minutes later when it is the pole to save Brugnoni. The latter still protagonist two minutes later deflecting the missile of Renatin just enough to send it to chip the crossbar.

Even the Falconese have a star, though. It is not Brazilian. Comes from Montegranaro, province of Macerata. It is the captain, Sofia Luciani. Race all the heart, muscles and lungs. Of sacrifice, to hold the back department in place of Pascual. The duels against the Ferelle are not counted. The bucking forward on the counterattack keep the opponents on the ropes. Mascia is saved to 8 'and 9'. Nothing can 11 'when Luciani goes down on the right and leaves a large diagonal to the second row. Irrepressible. Certainly the best in the field, well supported by Sevilla, Costantini and Guendalina Rossi not least for hard work and miles ground. In the last nine minutes of the game the result is always poised. The latest jokes, with the Marches in showy distress, are branded rossoverde. Neka, unless 47 seconds from the term devours the possible 1-3. Brugnoni also says no to Renatinha's latest assault. In short, the three points are from the Ternana but the Citizens come out with their heads held high among the applauses of PalaBadiali. Among the positive notes, beyond the pride and the compactness of the team, also the debut in the top national series for the young Susanna Scaloni who has not been hypnotized by the highly-rated opponents. Signals that, in perspective, with so many days to play, bode well for the rest of the season. No madness, then. Only awareness and trust in a group that is demonstrating with the facts of being able to face all the difficulties: which is then historically the DNA, immediately transmitted by veterans to newcomers, the Falconara society. "We knew it would be a difficult game - commented Lara Brugnoni at the end of the match - which would have been a" war ". Let's go out head-on, surely. With full staff we would have put them in greater difficulty. We have a large group. We are a bit 'in emergency but when we are full we can say ours. Until then we have to work, to be grit and desire, both in training and in the game. For my part, I try to do my best and give my best ".



CITY OF FALCONARA: Brugnoni, Costantini, Luciani, Rossi, Sevilla; Scaloni, Veroni, Scatizza, Bernotti. All. Blacks.

UNICUSANO TERNANA: Mascia, Presto, Neka, Renatinha, Coppari; Brandolini, Torelli, Angeletti, Lorenzoni, Trumino. All. Shindler.

Referees: Sorci and Lavanna of Pesaro. Chrono: Pesaro Carbonari.

Networks: 3'pt and 10'pt Soon (T); 11'st Luciani (F).

Notes: ammonita Sevilla (F).

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